‘Today Show’ Feud Rumors ‘Mocked’ By Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is officially joining the NBC family this weekend as her new talk show, Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly premieres on June 4. In a recent sit-down with the Hollywood Reporter, Kelly mentioned the ongoing scrutiny that she has received and the non-stop rumors that she has faced since inking a deal with the network.

According to Gossip Cop, Kelly took the opportunity to make sure that everyone knows that she “laughs” at the feud rumors, clearly mocking the media stories that keep insisting there are already problems with Kelly’s new television family. With the tabloids relentlessly trying to create friction between Kelly, Matt Lauer, and Savannah Guthrie, Kelly can do nothing more but laugh at it and move on — something that she says Guthrie actually talked to her about.

“I’ve had my own scrutiny in the press, but this is a weird new kind. We all know the truth. Savannah and Matt and I text each other and continue to — as these articles come out — and laugh. Savannah said to me early on, ‘Welcome to the NFL. You’ve got to let it go.’ And they’re experts at it,” Kelly said.

The popular yet sometimes controversial talk show host seem really excited to be getting off the ground at NBC. While it is going to be different from her show at Fox, the change is something that she is looking forward to.

“This is an opportunity to be much more well-rounded as a human being and as an anchor, [unlike cable news which is] just like, ‘Swim, for the love of God, swim!’ It’s always drinking from the firehose,” she said.

As for what you can expect from Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, well, she isn’t starting off small, that’s for sure. She will be interviewing Vladimir Putin on her very first show, which is sure to perform well in the ratings department both for Kelly and for the network.

On this morning’s episode of The Today Show, Kelly confirmed that she would be sitting down with Putin to kick things off.

“So, we just got word this morning that President Putin has agreed to sit with yours truly for a one-on-one interview at the conclusion of tomorrow’s forum and I’ll get the chance to ask him directly about these allegations of meddling and the prospect of our two countries working together, and beyond. So, that oughta be fun,” Kelly said. You can check out her live announcement in the video clip below.

And while just about everyone wants to know if Megyn Kelly will get the opportunity to sit down with President Donald Trump on one of these upcoming Sunday nights, she says that she is focusing on “different things” — but she wouldn’t balk at the opportunity if it presents itself in the future. It’s unknown if Kelly will get that chance, but it does not sound too farfetched.

“For this show right now, we’re focused on different things. Listen, I wouldn’t say no to a sit-down with President Trump, but it’s not necessarily how I want to kick it off. Especially since we’re going to be kicking it off with an interview with Vladimir Putin. How many of those big egos can you fit into one show?” Kelly asked during her interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Will you be watching Megyn Kelly on Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly this week and beyond? Do you think that she will have success on NBC? Share your thoughts about Kelly’s new show and the first interview that she has planned in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]