Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx To Get Married In Private? Katie Allegedly Tired Of ‘Hiding’

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly planning to get married, but if the actor has his way, their wedding coule become a private affair — just like their rumored relationship, Life & Style reports.

Holmes and Foxx’s relationship has been an open secret since they hooked up more than three years ago. For years, the couple have kept their romance private, meeting in secret dating spots, and donning disguises to stay away from public scrutiny.

Dating in secret, however, can only take a relationship so far, at least for most couples. And sources say that Katie Holmes is tired of hiding, as reported by Life & Style. That said, she is reportedly willing to hold on her relationship with Jamie Foxx even if keeping it a secret has proved to be arduous for her.

“This is not at all how Katie saw her life going,” the insider said. “But she will take this over nothing.”

As most people already know by now, Katie Holmes had been previously married to Tom Cruise, with whom she shares 11-year-old daughter Suri. Not long after their divorce got finalized in 2012, Holmes and Foxx became the subject of relationship rumors.

Jamie and Katie, however, insisted numerous times that they are just friends. One time, Foxx even dismissed the relationship rumors as”fake news.”

Despite repeated denials, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx continue to be the subject of relationship rumors. And there’s no sign that these rumors are about to die down, especially since the two have been seen together numerous times this year. The most recent one was in Paris, where they reportedly went for a romantic getaway while Foxx filmed Robin Hood, according to People. Prior to that trip, a fan photographed the two enjoying a cozy dinner in NYC. The photo, which got shared via Instagram, shows the couple wearing over-sized hats and sunglasses, presumably to keep their identities a secret.

While Katie is willing to undergo the burden of having to keep her relationship with Jamie a secret, an insider says that some of the actress’s friends are telling her to move on.

“Katie’s friends are telling her that if he isn’t willing to step up and be there for her as a true partner, it’s time for her to move on,” says another source. “But she really loves him and can’t seem to let go.”

“They want her to find a man she can be seen with, travel with… A man who can walk her down the red carpet.”

Last week, Life & Style reported that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are ready to get married, albeit in secret.

“They would want it to be a quiet, under-the-radar ceremony in a romantic spot like Italy or the coast of France,” said the insider.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been resorting to outlandish means and spending ridiculous amounts of money to keep their rumored relationship a secret, even going so far as to “hire look-alike models and use decoy cars and jets to divert the paparazzi every time they get together.” They reportedly change wigs and outfits on a regular basis to escape detection. To top it off, the source claims that the couple even do background checks on those who they interact with.

“They now do a thorough background check on everyone they cross paths with, which costs $100,000 per year,” alleged the source. “They also have to pay legal fees on the nondisclosure agreements they have drawn up for all of their friends and associates.”

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