‘My 600-lb Life’ Update: Laura Looks Amazing After Losing Over 300lbs But Husband Disappears From Social Media

When Laura Perez was first featured in TLC’s My 600-lb Life, she weighed 594 pounds. She was so obese, she completely depended on her husband, Joey, to do everything for her. From cleaning her to moving her around from place to place in a wheelchair, Laura needed Joey’s assistance. Now, years after undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery under the masterful knife of Dr. Now, Laura has completely transformed herself, practically being unrecognizable from how she looked like before. While her weight loss was no less than amazing, however, her Facebook account, where she updates her supporters on her progress, has shown very little of her husband, fueling speculations that her marriage might be on the rocks.

Avid fans of My 600-lb Life would remember Laura for being a patient who regularly needed an oxygen supply in order to help her breathe. During her initial episode, which featured the first steps she took in losing all her excess weight, her husband, Joey, started having issues about her independence. Before losing some weight, Laura needed him for everything. When she started gaining back her mobility after her initial weight loss, however, Joey began feeling like she did not need him anymore, stating that he felt he was being “pushed out” of their relationship.

“I feel like I’m on the sidelines. She don’t need me as often and I feel a little scared to lose her with all the changes we’re going through.”

As seen in Laura’s recently aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode, she has lost even more weight than before. When she first appeared on the show, she has managed to lose 300 pounds off her original weight. In her update episode, she seemed to have lost far more. Needless to say, Laura looked like an entirely different person, and she looked downright amazing, with viewers and avid fans of My 600-lb Life airing their support and admiration for her progress in online forums such as Reddit. Many even remarked that she managed to get a thigh gap, which was something close to impossible when she was first featured on the hit reality TV show.

Just like her initial episode, however, her Where Are They Now update featured how her marriage seemed to be suffering due to her weight loss and independence. As revealed in the recently aired episode, Joey was not very supportive of Laura going out and getting a job so she could earn money. Over the course of the update, many viewers noted that Joey appeared to be sinking further and further into the background, almost as if he was losing confidence and was becoming insecure.

By the time the recently aired Where Are They Now episode ended, viewers were left with Laura progressing steadily through her recovery from obesity, and her marriage with Joey seemingly getting worse. So far, no word about the couple’s current state has been revealed, but Laura’s Facebook profile might prove some clues about her current relationship with her husband.

Laura has maintained a personal Facebook page in order to communicate with her fans over the years. She has been quite active on the social media platform, sharing photos of her progress and snapshots of her family life. As noted by many viewers and avid fans of the hit reality show, however, Laura seems to have stopped posting photos of her and Joey. Instead, her recent updates have exclusively featured her and close family members.

The last photo that Laura uploaded which featured her husband was from way back in December 2016. Since then, Joey has not made his presence known on her page. Laura also went on a brief Facebook hiatus for about a month, posting on February 10 and informing her supporters that she was having personal issues. A similar post was also uploaded on April 29, with Laura stating that she was under a lot of stress.

Regardless of Laura and Joey’s relationship status, however, her progress and recovery from morbid obesity have remained as one of the most notable stories ever featured in My 600-lb Life. While Laura might have lost some affection from her husband due to her weight loss, she has nevertheless gained the admiration of the hit reality TV series’ millions of viewers.

[Featured Image by TLC]