Paul Scheuring Explains Why Sucre Had Little Screen Time In ‘Prison Break’ Season 5

The fifth and likely final season of Prison Break came to a close on Tuesday night. Fans of the series got a chance to see a number of their favorite characters return to the screen once more. Unfortunately, not every beloved Prison Break character got as much screen time as fans of the FOX series would have preferred. Perhaps the most notable character to lack serious screen time during Season 5 was none other than the beloved Sucre played by Amaury Nolasco.

Paul Scheuring explains why

Paul Scheuring – the writer and creator of Prison Break– took the time to explain to Entertainment Weekly why the beloved Sucre had such limited screen time in Season 5. In fact, Scheuring revealed that one of his very few regrets about Season 5 of Prison Break was that Sucre didn’t have a bigger role. Basically, Paul had a very specific plot line for Season 5 and Amaury Nolasco’s character didn’t really fit into much of the plot line.

Scheuring acknowledges that Sucre could have been a sidekick running around Yemen with Lincoln and Michael. However, he did not really feel that Sucre possessed the skill set to survive running around Yemen with the rest of the guys. While Paul realizes he could have worked Sucre into the Yemen venture and it would have appeased the audience demanding more of the character, it just didn’t feel right with the story he wanted to tell.

“Obviously you always want bigger action sequences and more time to film and that sort of stuff, but I feel like given the very tiny window we had to make this, I think we’ve got to do what we want to do, so I feel pretty good about that.”

Paul Scheuring and Vaun Wilmott of the television show 'Prison Break' speak onstage
Paul Scheuring and Vaun Wilmott of the television show 'Prison Break' speak onstage [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Scheuring also noted how funny it was that so many fans of the series were pretty upset – and vocal – about Sucre getting such little screen time during Season 5.

“I love Sucre, I wish he could’ve been in the season more, but again, all characters had to be organically within the series.”

Paul did note that if they ever decided to make a Season 6 of Prison Break, it was possible he could find a way to work Sucre into the story line a little more than he did for Season 5. Despite wishing Sucre could have had a bigger role because he really loved the character, Paul wasn’t willing to stray from what felt right and “organic” to the final story he was trying to tell.

Amaury Nolasco is on the set of Univisions 'despierta America'
Amaury Nolasco [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

Fans have been very vocal

While Paul Scheuring has been very forthcoming about why Sucre wasn’t in Season 5 more and that he wished he could have found a way to work him into the story line more, this hasn’t stopped fans from being very vocal about the issue on social media. On Twitter, there has been a massive uproar from Prison Break fans complaining about the lack of Sucre in Season 5.

One Twitter user questioned why Sucre was even brought back at all. Was it just to tease fans of the series?

Some fans revealed their biggest issue with Season 5 of Prison Break was simply that Sucre didn’t have a bigger role. A few even noted how unhappy they were that Amaury Nolasco’s character didn’t even make an appearance in the season finale. Was it really not possible for Paul to find a way to bring Sucre into the final episode of the season – and possibly the series?

There were even a few fans who noted they only wanted a Season 6 of Prison Break if it meant they would get to see more of Sucre.

Did you watch the Season 5 finale of Prison Break? Where you disappointed that Sucre didn’t have more screen time during the nine episodes of Season 5? Share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section which can be found down below.

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