John McAfee Arrested In Guatemala

Fugitive internet security pioneer John McAfee has been taken into custody in Guatemala for crossing the border illegally.

The eccentric software millionaire, who co-founded the famous antivirus company, has been on the run from authorities since his Belize neighbor, Gregory Faull, was shot to death execution style on November 10.

Reuters provides further information on the arrest of John McAfee by Guatemalan immigration police:

“McAfee, who had been in hiding for three weeks, crossed into Guatemala with his girlfriend, Samantha, to evade authorities in Belize who wanted to question him as ‘a person of interest’ about the killing of fellow American Gregory Faull.

“The (Guatemalan) police issued an arrest warrant for John McAfee and captured him for entering the country illegally,” Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said.”

According to Reuters, McAfee plans to apply for political asylum in Guatemala, which has no extradition treaty with neighboring Belize. There is no international arrest warrant pending for McAfee.

There were earlier, erroneous reports that McAfee had been arrested in Belize.

According to ABC News, McAfee said the following about his arrest in Guatemala, “Thank God I am in a place where there is some sanity. I chose Guatemala carefully.”

McAfee has claimed that the Belize government put out a hit on him and that Faull’s murder may have been a case of mistaken identity, i.e., the gunman was after McAfee instead. This is apparently why he refuses to return to Belize, where he lived for about four years, for questioning.