‘Little People, Big World’ Drama: Do Roloff Parents Favor Zach And Tori Over Jeremy And Audrey?

Some Little People, Big World fans think that Matt Roloff is already playing favorites with his grandchildren, and Amy Roloff seemingly threw some shade at Audrey and Jeremy on the most recent episode of the show.

A comment that Matt Roloff made during the May 30 episode of Little People, Big World is raising eyebrows. He and his ex-wife, Amy, spent most of the episode bickering about where they were going to have Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s gender reveal party, but they also talked a lot about their excitement over becoming grandparents. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff found out they were having a baby girl at the party, and Matt later had a conversation with his son, Zach, about what the dynamic on the Roloff family farm will be like with a girl and boy running around.

“A girl will be a better influence,” Zach said.

“Yeah, I think so. She’ll be sweet,” Matt responded. However, he then added, “Your little boy can be the king of the farm.”

Some Little People, Big World fans think that Matt’s comment was unfair to his unborn granddaughter and her parents.

“That little comment Matt said about Zach son being the king of the farm I did not like! I’m sorry but I know Many don’t like Jer and Aud but I think they are a unique couple,” wrote one fan on the Little People, Big World Facebook page.

“Check out Zach laughing and rubbing it in on Jeremy after the gender reveals shows he and Andrey are having a girl,” another commented. “Zach has felt less than all his life now he knows his dad will favor his boy. Matt even told Zach last night the little boy will be king of the farm.”


As the Inquisitr previously reported, many Little People, Big World viewers believe that there’s an intense sibling rivalry brewing between the Roloff twins. They think that Zach and Jeremy both want to inherit the family farm, and there’s speculation that Zach Roloff increased his chances of owning the property someday when he and his wife, Tori, welcomed their baby boy last month.

“Jeremy and Audrey are pea green with envy that Zach is having a boy. The two boys and two daughter in laws are in a competition on who inherits the farm. It’s like they’re all waiting for Matt to die,” wrote one fan.

During the most recent episode of Little People, Big World, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff admitted that they were both hoping for a baby boy, but their reason for desiring a son had nothing to do with Jeremy’s inheritance. Audrey said that she wanted her first child to be a boy because she likes “the idea of [an] older brother” and thinks that it’s “a cool family dynamic.” Jeremy added that he would like to have a boy so that his son and Zach’s son could become best friends who “wrestle around on the farm.” Tori was also on Team Boy, but Zach said that he wanted his brother to have a girl so that there would be “no direct comparisons” between their kids.


However, Jeremy revealed that he was pretty certain that he and Audrey would be welcoming a daughter after he dreamed about mowing the lawn with a little girl in his lap, and he thinks that he’s being blessed with a daughter for a reason.

“I think the Lord gives you a need, and I need a little bit of compassion at times and can soften myself up around the edges. I think a girl will do that.”

Amy Roloff revealed that she’s happy her son is having a girl, but she doesn’t want her granddaughter to be like Jeremy and Audrey. If she gets her wish, the little girl will have a personality like Molly Roloff.

“I told them, if you’re having a girl, I hope this girl will be like your sister. I want a granddaughter that can get her hands in the mud, the dirt, and everything else.”


Amy’s words could be viewed as a dig at Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, Jeremy took a break from farm life when he and Audrey moved to Bend, Oregon, and some Little People, Big World fans don’t like Audrey because they think she’s too “high-maintenance.” However, maybe Jeremy and his wife will become more Molly-like now that they’re living closer to the Roloff family farm; Jeremy has already discovered just how much he missed doing physical labor that leaves him with “splinters in my hands and mud on my boots.” Zach Roloff has also admitted that he enjoyed teaming up with his father and twin to work on a muddy family project: moving the new pirate ship that Matt built for their kids. But who will get to be the captain of the ship, Zach’s son or Jeremy’s daughter?

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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