Bella Thorne: Why Scott Disick Cheating Was The Breaking Point For Couple’s ‘KUWTK’ Romance

Bella Thorne completely lost it when she found out that Scott Disick was allegedly hooking up with other women after having flown her out to Cannes with him, it’s been reported.

In the beginning, Bella Thorne didn’t make much of the women that surrounded Scott during their vacation in Cannes, but when Disick started becoming flirtatious with the women and having them walk in and out of his room, it became evidently clear that there was something going on.

A source tells Hollywood Life that Bella Thorne is very much known to be a party girl, but one thing she won’t tolerate is someone that will treat her bad. Having a good time at a party and cheating are too completely different things, and Bella Thorne simply wasn’t going to let it slide.

She had only been seeing Scott for two weeks, according to reports, but her trip to Cannes with him was all that she needed to see and know — because right after she was certain her ex-boyfriend was hooking up with other women, she not only called it quits but also flew back home to LA.

The trip was rather short-lived for the 19-year-old but, as one source tells FOX News, Bella Thorne couldn’t wait to leave Cannes, knowing that she will be far away from Scott, who has not only humiliated her but also proven himself to be nothing more but a cheating lover.

“She’s furious with Scott for the way he treated her in Cannes, she felt humiliated and used by him,” a source tells the celebrity gossip outlet.

“Even though she’s got this party girl public image, and she’s often pictured hanging out with different guys, Bella actually isn’t into random hookups. She’s a relationship kind of girl and Scott, at first painted himself as being interested in a serious relationship as well.”

Scott Disick will have a lot of explaining to do when he’s reunited with the Kardashian family, the insider stresses, saying that Kourtney Kardashian is furious with her ex-boyfriend’s recent actions in Cannes.

Since Bella Thorne’s decision to leave Cannes, Scott has been seen with more than six women at the place he is staying at. From kissing to cuddling, the father-of-three has made it perfectly clear that he’s having the time of his life and he couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions.

While Bella Thorne may be out of the picture, Kourtney has reportedly made it known that Scott will not be allowed to see his children until he cleans up his act and shows the mother of his children that he’s cleaned his act up.

The fact that he would even entertain a relationship with Bella Thorne had already annoyed Kourtney, knowing that Scott was only going to use her for his own benefit. Upon growing tired of her, which was less than two weeks, the partygoer was seen with a handful of other women who he allegedly shared sexual experiences with.

“The next thing she knows, he’s hooking up with Chloe [Bartoli]. Scott denied that anything happened between them, but Bella wasn’t born yesterday,” the insider goes on to stress, making it known that Thorne wasn’t going to be treated like a fool.

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“Even in the off chance that he didn’t do the dirty with Chloe, he was still pictured all over her and the other chicks too. That’s just disrespectful. Bella has too much self-respect to allow herself to be treated like that, so she kicked Scott to the curb.”

Bella Thorne has reportedly deleted Scott’s number and plans to have no further conversations with the reality star, even if he attempts to reach out to her.

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