Rachel Lindsay Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Gets Applause For Talking Mental Health And Therapy With Peter Kraus

The new season of The Bachelorette kicked off two weeks ago, and Rachel Lindsay is already making a positive impact on fans. Rachel is not only the first African-American Bachelorette, she is also extremely intelligent, beautiful, and really seems to know what she wants. Lindsay’s episode on Monday night kicked off the first of many dates to come on her journey to find love. Rachel had her first one-on-one date Monday with Peter Kraus, and she is getting rave reviews from fans for her serious conversation about mental health.

Reality Steve took to his blog and dished on the cute couple’s first date. Peter and Rachel started their date off on a fun level as they took a private jet to Palm Springs to attend Bark Fest with Lindsay’s four-legged pal, Copper. Rachel and Peter have a blast, and Lindsay shares that she wants to get to know Kraus better.

Rachel explained, “I wanna get to know Peter on a deeper level. I wanna go below the surface.”

The date continued and became more serious as the evening portion took place.

The Huffington Post shared details of Rachel and Peter’s conversation that night in which Lindsay asked Kraus why he was still single. Peter opened up that after a serious relationship he had after moving back to Wisconsin from Los Angeles ended, he felt very confused. Feeling confused caused Kraus to seek professional help.

Peter said, “So, I decided to go see someone for it. I saw a relationship therapist, and it actually helped me a lot, and I think it’s helping me a lot now to be more calm in my thoughts.”

Rachel responded to Peter’s openness about therapy enthusiastically and shared her own personal story about seeking professional help. Lindsay shared that she also sought therapy after her long-term relationship ended.

Rachel said, “I went to a therapist and it was the best decision that I made that entire year and again it prepared me to realize what I really want for myself and what wasn’t working for me.”

Mental health is a huge issue in today’s society, and it is refreshing to see it discussed openly with a positive spin that seeking help and therapy is a good thing. Therapy has proved beneficial for many who are willing to admit there is an issue and seek help. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics reveal that reveal 25 percent of the adult population have some sort of mental illness. Kudos to Rachel and Peter for putting this information out there for the world to see.

Fans of The Bachelorette are also praising Rachel and Peter for being positive and sharing how therapy has helped them both sort through some confusion in their lives. Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts and praise for Lindsay and Kraus having a real conversation about mental health. The subject is usually not touched on during the show. Perhaps that one spontaneous conversation will help some make the leap to seek help.

Aside from talking about therapy, Rachel and Peter talked about their gap teeth. Peter says it’s a family trait that his brother and niece have it as well. Rachel says she is the only one in her family with it. Both Lindsay and Kraus say they are not changing a thing about it because it makes them unique.

It looks like Rachel and Peter’s date went perfectly as the two bonded over gap teeth and therapy. Bachelor Nation can’t wait to see what the future potentially could hold for Lindsay and Kraus. Do you think they make a great couple? Don’t miss Rachel continue her journey Monday nights on ABC as The Bachelorette.

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]