McDonald’s McDelivery Via UberEATS Rolls Out In Several U.S. Cities

McDonald’s fans, rejoice! You no longer have to leave your couch to enjoy the taste of America’s first and biggest fast-food chain. Although the service, known as McDelivery, is already well-established in several countries all over the world, it is a totally new idea for the United States, and people are loving it.

The service, partnered with UberEATS, was rolled out on May 17 in Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus, and Phoenix. It covers most orders, though it’s unclear if there are types of foods that McDonald’s won’t cover in its McDelivery.

Originally, it was available in 1,000 restaurants, and it was reported to have high levels of customer satisfaction. It also offered an all-day breakfast menu, which is incredibly popular, as breakfast is often only available during certain hours of the day.

Today, however, the partnership expanded, and now McDelivery is available almost anywhere McDonald’s and UberEATS are located together. Customers can order via the UberEATS app or via their website. However, it is not yet available everywhere, and therefore it has not been placed in all 14,000 United States McDonald’s locations. They hope to have it in every restaurant by the end of this year, improving the accessibility of the McDonald’s restaurant to everyone who craves it.

UberEATS recently issued a press release on the new and exciting partnership.

“With UberEATS, you can get the food you want, where you want it, delivered at Uber speed. We’re thrilled to partner with McDonald’s to give fans in San Antonio easy access to their McDonald’s favorites at the tap of a button. McDonald’s is one of the most searched restaurants in the UberEATS app, so we’re excited to deliver more of what our customers are craving through this partnership.”

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While McDelivery is a new concept in most parts of the United States, it has been available worldwide for quite some time. It has been especially popular in India, Turkey, Singapore, China, and Taiwan. Times and fees vary by country, but in China, the service is accessible 24 hours a day for anyone craving a Big Mac at 2 a.m. In some countries, like Austria, it is restricted to certain hours and carries a fee of €4 per order.

Turkey carries no delivery fee at all, meaning you can order McDonald’s to your heart’s content.

The service is also available in Australia, but only for McDonald’s diners who are ready for a serious McFeast. The minimum order is $25 AUD, which is about $18. That’s a whole lot of Big Macs you’ll need to get in order to meet the requirement. You also have to pay a few dollar delivery fee, and many places only deliver during certain times.

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McDelivery via McDonald’s has been available to residents of New York City for quite a long time, so while residents of the tri-state area are incredibly excited about the partnership with UberEATS, it is old hat to New Yorkers. The service has been available since 1994 in the Big Apple, and customers have been able to get their greasy McDonald’s fix via Seamless delivery company for several years.

UberEATS charges a $4.99 delivery fee, which is standard across the board. Therefore, they also charge the fee for customers who are using their service for McDonald’s delivery.

The McDelivery service is so popular that it will also roll out later this year to the United Kingdom starting a pilot program in June of 2017. It is unclear if the service will be available beyond the major cities, as UberEATS only exists in a few locations in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the new program may be completely independent of UberEATS and may partner with a different delivery service.

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