Wentworth Miller & Paul T. Scheuring On ‘Prison Break’ & Michael Scofield’s Not-So-Happy Ending

The Prison Break Season 5 finale aired last night, and fans couldn’t be more devastated over the FOX series coming to an end once more. While the Inquisitr reported in an opinionated recap of the finale last night that the ending was satisfying to most fans, Wentworth Miller and Paul T. Scheuring have differing opinions of how the series has finally ended.

This article may contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen the Prison Break Season 5 finale.

Did Michael Scofield really get his happy ending?

In an exclusive email interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wentworth Miller revealed his thoughts on whether Michael Scofield actually had a happy ending. Miller believed the answer really boiled down to an individual’s opinion of what it means to be happy. Then, he proceeded to elaborate on what he meant by that.

“Is he reunited with his loved ones? Yes. Is he at peace? With everything he’s done and the man he’s become? I don’t know. That might not be available to him. Not after what he’s been through.”

As those who followed the Prison Break series from start to finish know, Wentworth’s character went through a lot both emotionally and physically to get where he was today. He finally got his wife and his son. He was finally free. But could he live with everything he had to do, go through, and see in order to get to the freedom and family at the end of the tunnel? This question is why Miller believes whether Michael Scofield really had a happy ending is open to interpretation.

Three members of the Prison Break cast speak during a panel about the FOX series
Prison Break Season 5 cast [Image by Reed Saxon/AP Images]

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Paul T. Scheuring chimes in

Paul T. Scheuring echoed Wentworth Miller by agreeing that on the surface, the Prison Break Season 5 finale certainly wrapped up nicely with a bow on top. Like Wentworth, Scheuring believes those who look a little deeper at the end of the series will see a slightly skewed version of happily ever after. According to Paul, the very last scene of Prison Break, where fans see Michael gazing at Sara, his brother, his son, and Sheba with a smile on his face actually, had a deeper and darker meaning to it.

“As scripted, it was supposed to be a bit more ambiguous at the end where Michael is looking over his shoulder and you realize while life is apparently bucolic, he’s carried something with him ever since, which is a paranoia that he’ll never get over. It also insinuates that somewhere out there in the world, there’s another challenge confronting him or waiting for him. So, no, this is not happily ever after.”

Given everything Michael Scofield had to do to get to where he was, most fans wouldn’t find it too surprising for him to be paranoid of what would come next or that he would never truly be free. Paul believes Miller’s character will never have complete happiness as he will always be forced to look over his shoulder for what might be coming because of the life he had lived to get to where he is now.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller pose in front of Carlton Hotel during a photo call
Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller [Image by Lionel Cironneau/AP Images]

Basically, Paul T. Scheuring and Wentworth Miller agree those close to Michael Scofield got their happy ending. Miller’s character accomplished everything he set out to do, but he’s always going to be damaged goods because of the journey he had to take to get there.

Did you watch the Season 5 finale of Prison Break last night? Do you think Michael Scofield got a happy ending, or do you think Paul and Wentworth are right? Share your thoughts on the ending of this FOX series in the comments section down below.

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