Did Amber Portwood Finally Ditch Matt Baier For Good?

Rumors about Amber Portwood’s relationship with Matt Baier have been at an all-time high recently, as it was recently revealed that Baier took a lie detector test to appease his fiancee and ended up failing. After this information was released, it was stated that Amber and her fiance called off their wedding and that she had sent him packing. The couple were on vacation in Los Angeles when he supposedly took the lie detector test, and Amber sent him back to Indiana with instructions not to be in the house when she returned.

Fans everywhere were incredibly relieved for Amber, as Baier has not been the most popular member of the Teen Mom OG cast, to say the very least. Many fans don’t trust him since it seems he has cheated on Amber numerous times and has several children he hasn’t admitted to and that Amber isn’t aware of. In fact, Amber’s ex and baby daddy Gary Shirley even attempted to clue Amber in on what kind of person he is by confronting her with the information on an episode of the reality show, but she dismissed it.

During the cheating scandal, it was also revealed that Baier had allegedly been with several “side chicks” during his relationship with Amber Portwood and had even fathered a child with a woman.

Seemingly out of frustration, Amber Portwood had him take a lie detector test during their visit to Los Angeles for the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

After their visit, she slowly began to delete pictures of them off of her Instagram, and they went silent for a while. But she finally addressed the issue, stating that she and Matt were still together. She also deleted a tweet which revealed Matt’s lie detector test results that several fans accused Matt and her of purchasing from a website selling test results. The mom of one stated that she didn’t need to prove anything and that she hoped her fans got their screenshots, which, of course, they did.

The pair had reportedly also put their October wedding on hold, which would be the second time the couple have scheduled a time to make it to the altar and failed to do so. However, Baier insisted to People that the wedding was still very much on.


“The wedding hasn’t been called off. Amber and I decided to keep the details of our wedding very, very personal and private right now,” he revealed. “Ever since we announced our wedding date, the amount of stress and opinions that came along with that just became too much. There were people out there just ruining the day for us before it even happened. We decided to formulate and stick to our plan but we don’t know if we want to share this with everyone.”

While Baier seems confident in their relationship, Amber Portwood may have just dropped a big hint that she and Baier are over for good.

She took to Twitter to express the news of her “new beginning.”

Baier has not responded to the tweet, nor has either addressed whether it is related to their relationship. Currently, his Twitter header is still a photo of him and Amber together when they appeared on a TV program. He has also retweeted several posts from MTV and Teen Mom social media accounts talking about how much they loved the episode of the cast members getting together for a trip to Puerto Rico.


Several commenters responded to Amber’s tweet, stating that they thought Amber would be a lot better off without Matt in her life. Some went so far as to say that she would never be the woman she aspired to be if she stuck with him.

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