‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Returning ‘BB19’ Cast Members Drawing Negative Publicity On Social Media

Big Brother 19 spoilers are hinting heavily at returning cast members. Though the BB19 cast hasn’t been officially revealed yet, the promotions from CBS are making it seem like there could be some people getting a second chance at the $500,000 prize. This has already been met with a lot of negativity on social media, as there has been a push from viewers to have an entirely fresh cast this summer.

The new television and online promo advertise divas, drama, and Julie Chen as reasons people should tune in. As seen in the video below, there are a lot of clips from the past two seasons getting used. That is very similar to the first commercial that came out earlier this month, where former cast members from the past few seasons were shown getting emotional. This could be a simple tactic in order to entice viewers who have been watching over the last few years or preparation for some former houseguests to make additional appearances.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans have been receiving mixed messages from CBS, casting director Robyn Kass, and host Julie Chen. At times it seems like the reality competition show is ready to have a season packed with “new blood,” but then there are other times when it seems like CBS is ready to do a version of All-Stars with the intent to put fan favorites in the fold. This has created a lot of debate on social media among fans who want to see familiar faces and those who want to see an entirely brand new BB19 cast.

There has been a high number of Big Brother casting calls in late winter and early spring. Application and video submissions were requested on potential new houseguests, alluding to the fact that CBS and show producers are trying to add some new energy to the BB19 cast. A long list of eligibility requirements was also provided to hopeful participants. By mid-May, Robyn Kass had already posted on her Twitter account that all submissions had been viewed and reviewed, spurring Big Brother 19 rumors that the cast was ready to be revealed.

The countdown is already underway to the Big Brother 19 season premiere on June 28, and it is now just four weeks from today (May 31). The BB19 cast reveal should take place at least one full week before that, with viewers finally getting some confirmation about the various Big Brother 19 rumors that have floated around since last fall. The contestants will be entering the BB19 house the weekend before the season premiere, giving producers a chance to get a lot of footage for the first two episodes on CBS.

Following a familiar format from the past, episodes of the summer 2017 installment will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Sunday nights will be used to showcase the weekly nominations for eviction, and Wednesday nights will focus on the Veto competition and Veto ceremony. That leaves Thursday nights for the evictions and Head of Household competitions. Viewers are already asking online whether there are going to continue to be as many endurance challenges on the live feeds as there were during Big Brother 18.

The Big Brother 18 winner was a returning houseguest; Nicole Franzel won the $500,000 prize in a jury vote over newcomer Paul Abrahamian. If the summer 2017 season is all about second chances, then players like Paul and his partner Victor Arroyo could certainly be back for another try. Could the BB19 cast bring back a lot of houseguests who were close to winning but just couldn’t beat out better players in their particular season? Viewers are probably only two weeks from finding out the answer to that and other questions about the Big Brother 19 format.

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