Jenelle Evans And Sister-In-Law’s Epic Twitter Feud Comes To An End To ‘Please Family Members’

Jessica Eason, the sister to Jenelle Evans’ fiancé, David Eason, has finally called a truce with her, which she says was at the request of family and friends. Those who follow Teen Mom 2 — especially Jenelle — will remember that the pair engaged in an all-out war on Twitter just days before Jenelle was due in court to regain custody of her eldest son, Jace, 7.

The pair spent days on Twitter, going back and forth and accusing one another of drug use and physical fighting.

The whole thing kicked off when Jenelle Evans angrily sent a text to Jessica after Jessica met with David’s ex. Jenelle’s fiancé has been barred from seeing his oldest son, and Jenelle thought a good sister wouldn’t maintain a friendship with a woman who prevented her brother from seeing his own child.

From there, serious chaos ensued, including Jenelle Evans and Jessica posting each other’s phone numbers and spilling family secrets. Both women stated that they had to change their contact information due to the feud.

Jessica also accused Jenelle Evans of having a sour relationship with her stepdaughter-to-be, Maryssa, which is the opposite of what Jenelle has stated on social media. She even accused Jenelle of dipping Maryssa’s toothbrush in the toilet as some bizarre punishment for bad behavior. Jessica tried to get Maryssa’s mother, Whitney, involved in the drama, but Whitney had trouble downloading Twitter to get in on the action. That was probably for the best.

Jessica had also joined several Teen Mom fan pages on Facebook to talk about her experiences with Jenelle Evans, which was eagerly accepted by many fans.

However, Jessica has now drawn a line in the sand and told everyone that she’s finally done with her feud with her sister-in-law-to-be.

“So, Im getting publicity now for NOT speaking on it. Look, the damage is done. But it’s really causing conflict within our family. My entire family means the world to me. So yes if i can can fix it i will, no matter what it takes. Sometimes u have to put things to rest and drop it. Like I said, i would rather my family be alright then to keep fighting. That beef isnt important. My family’s happiness is important. Now go take that into your little groups and toss it around like a ball. Be mad that i stopped the hate but im trying to please my parents and the rest of my family! #familyfirst”

But this hardly means Jenelle Evans is done with drama. Jenelle recently went to court to revisit her custody agreement for her son, Jace, with her mother, Barbara. Although she didn’t come out with primary custodianship, it appears Jenelle did try to set up Barb to look like a poor caretaker just a little bit before the hearing.

Jenelle Evans released a video in which she bombards her mother, who is with some of her grandchildren, while she is enjoying lunch with a friend. She is trying to show the court that her mother is drinking and driving, but instead, Jenelle just looks like she’s trying to catch her mother doing something wrong, although her mother wasn’t really doing much in the clip.

The young mother of three was granted more court-ordered time with Jace, meaning that Barbara can’t flake out at the last minute or tell Jenelle Evans that she can’t see Jace when they have their scheduled time together. This new situation will likely work out better for Jace as well, who can now anticipate when he will be seeing his mother and when he will be seeing his grandmother.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]