Barron Trump Struggled With Mock Severed Head Image — President Tweets As Irate Father

Donald Trump shared his concerns over his son, Barron Trump, “having a hard time” with the image of a bloodied severed head fashioned after Trump that Kathy Griffin is holding in a photo. Trump is appalled and he let this be known in a tweet on Wednesday morning. The president calls this “sick.” Trump tweeted as a father who was furious his young son and older children had to see this.

In a rare mention of Barron, Donald Trump conveys that his children and “especially my 11-year-old son, Barron” are “having a hard time with this.” Trump’s tweet was from a father’s perspective reporting that Griffin’s severed head had an effect on his children. Trump also writes that Kathy Griffin “should be ashamed of herself.”

Update: TMZ reports that Barron Trump was watching TV at home when the image of Kathy Griffin holding the mock severed head of Donald Trump flashed on the screen. Barron had no idea who Griffin was, but he recognized that the bloody image resembled his father and he screamed for his mother. He was panicked, as his first thought that something bad had happened to his father. A family friend reported this incident to TMZ. Melania also had some words to share about what Griffin did. According to TMZ, Melania said this was “disturbing, wrong and “makes you wonder about [her] mental health.”

This image of Trump’s severed head is reminiscent of what was seen in ISIS videos after they severed the heads of journalists and held them up for the camera, suggests the Fox & Friends cast on Wednesday morning. These horrific images are burned into the memories of many Americans and Kathy Griffin’s disturbing display is conjuring up those memories for many, suggests the cast of this morning show. This is one subject that the nation appears united on today, even Trump’s die-hard celebrity critics are letting their disgust over Griffin’s photo be known, like Anderson Cooper who denounces Griffin’s ploy on social media.

Kathy Griffin has just lost one of her commercial gigs and there’s plenty of people urging the powers who be to take her off television altogether. According to the New York Daily News, Squatty Potty, a company that Griffin did a commercial for has officially denounced Griffin as a spokesperson for their company.

According to ABC News today, even the Secret Service has gotten involved in this. They issued a response which said, “The U.S. Secret Service has a critical mission. It is always unfortunate when people make statements that could be perceived as threats. We don’t have the luxury of knowing a person’s intent. Each alleged or perceived threat has to be investigated thoroughly which taxes Secret Service manpower and resources that could be utilized elsewhere.” They then tweeted a message, which is seen below.

Kathy Griffin has since made a video apology in which she repeats just how much of a mistake this was. She explains that she is “comedian.” She then goes on to say how she has gone “too far” with this image. She also said that she didn’t realize just how much over the line she went until she saw the reaction this conjured up. The Inquisitr has opted not to show a picture of Griffin holding the mock severed head of Trump, but the photo has saturated the online world and one simple Google search should bring you to this image if there’s an outside chance you haven’t seen it yet.

When Griffin was first doing this photo shoot she was captured on video talking with the photographer. She knew this would cause major outrage, as she jokes with the photographer that they may have to move out of the country when this photo is released.

The New York Post reports that Griffin’s stunt really “freaked out Barron Trump.” They are also reporting that Donald Trump Jr. isn’t buying her apology. He tweets, “The #kathygriffin phony apology would be a lot easier to believe if there wasn’t a video of her mocking the response she knew was coming.” He is referring to Griffin saying to the photographer that they might have to move to Mexico once this picture is seen by the public.

As Fox & Friends points out this morning, that apology video was not an apology to Donald Trump. She never apologizes directly to the president by name in the video. She is apologizing to anyone who found this video upsetting. This apology came after the social media, news stations and Griffin’s Hollywood peers expressed their disgust over her ploy of holding a bloodied severed head that resembled the president of the nation. Anderson Cooper writes,

The image of Kathy Griffin holding a severed head fashioned after Trump is so disturbing that Fox & Friends are giving parents a warning to get the kids out of the room before they show the picture. The network was blurring out the head yesterday, but for their viewers to see the full effect of this disturbing deed that was done by Griffin, they opted to show this image undoctored. The image is too disturbing for kids to view, according to a group of mothers who appeared on Fox & Friends this morning.

You can see and hear Kathy Griffin’s apology in her Facebook video below, which has been seen on the major news show this morning, such as Fox & Friends. Keep in mind she doesn’t apologize to Trump or his family in this video, she appears to be apologizing because it caused outrage, suggests the folks on the Fox curvy couch.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]