Scott Disick’s Sex Addiction: Experts Explain Why He Can’t Help Womanizing

Scott Disick admitted in one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last month that he is addicted to sex. In the episode, his baby mama Kourtney confronted him about his women while they were on a family vacation. The father of three revealed how he just can’t help but get addicted to sex and women.

More recently, he was spotted with Famous in Love actress, 19-year-old Bella Thorne, which sparked controversy because of their age gap. After being photographed packing on the PDA in Cannes last week, the couple reportedly ended their fling and Scott has since been spotted hooking up with several different women, including Chloe Bartoli and Sofia Richie.

Sex addiction is considered a mental health condition, the symptoms of which have been identified in a 2012 study by the University of California Los Angeles. Someone is considered a sex addict when he or she finds it difficult to control sexual thoughts, behavior, or feelings. While it is a taboo topic, it is quite common and one out of 25 young adults have it, previous studies have suggested.

The UCLA study wanted to include sex addiction as an official mental health condition, one that is defined as “recurring pattern of sexual fantasies, urges, and behaviors lasting a period of six months or longer that are not caused by other issues, such as substance abuse, another medical condition or manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder.”

Experts explain about sex addiction
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In addition, people who might have this condition will turn to sex when feeling depressed or use it as a way to cope with stress.

Sex addicts are heavily stigmatized and are often shamed but experts are trying to send the message across that it is a real issue. Sex therapist Kate Balestrieri believes so, telling Mail Online that “sexuality is not a problem until it becomes a problem.”

“It’s when it’s addictive and starts to bring negative ramifications and interferes with primary relationships that it becomes a problem. Or when it causes medical or physical issues, like sexual dysfunction from masturbating too much.”

Balestrieri, however, noted that there are people who will use sex addiction as a way to play the victim and earn sympathy.

Although the UCLA study aimed for sex addiction to be included in the list of mental health conditions, it still hasn’t been recognized as such. Registered sex therapist Dr. Tom Murray said that there is not enough evidence to support the official classification of the impulsive behavior.

“In my opinion, the sex addiction treatment industry has bastardized neuroscience and consequently has drawn erroneous conclusions. To put it simply, if someone washed their hands 1000x a day, we wouldn’t say that they had a hand-washing addiction.”

Kourtney Kardashian reportedly worries about Scott Disick's sex addiction [Image by Chris Weeks/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, Scott Disick’s sex addiction may have already affected his relationships more than it already has. His womanizing antics are said to be done out of revenge at Kourtney, who’s now dating younger hunk Younes Bendjima. Reportedly, the Kardashians did not like how Disick behaved in Cannes and don’t want him near the family. TMZ also stated in its report that Kourtney has stripped the 34-year-old reality TV actor of his visitation rights to their three kids.

Kourtney felt that she needed to keep Scott away from the kids because he has “gone off the rails again” and has been “abusing alcohol and other substances,” the report mentioned. Still, that didn’t take away the feeling of concern from Kourtney. She allegedly had to call him and plead with him so he can get the help he needed. According to a source for Us Weekly, Kourtney and the whole family somehow feel “worried” about Scott’s behavior.

“Kourtney is worried for Scott, as are Scott’s friends and the whole Kardashian family. They are really worried for him. They aren’t angry — just concerned — because he’s clearly going through something.”

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