‘Return to Amish’: Sabrina High Poses Topless Right After Jail Release; Jeremiah, Carmela Got Into Car Crash

Return to Amish star Sabrina High has been released from jail on charges related to drugs. Just shortly after getting out, Sabrina posted a topless photo of herself on her social media; was she under the influence? Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Carmela got into a car accident.

Sabrina on drugs again?

Immediately after being released from jail, Sabrina posted on her Facebook a topless photo, which made people think she’s under the influence of drugs, as reported by Radar Online. Thirty minutes after posting the said image, the Return to Amish star wrote:

“I never take sexy pics ever. And I won’t apologize for my boobs either. God gave them to me!”

She added how funny it is that when she is finally feeling pretty again, people accused her of being on drugs again. Apparently, Sabrina was not really naked and her hair only covered the strap of her shirt. She continued:

“I have smooth healthy skin right now and I’m super proud of that. And yes I have clothes on and even if I didn’t it’s none of your business. Nothing wrong with being naked [sic].”

Sabrina was held in jail for 10 days, after being arrested the previous week on charges related to drugs, including use and possession of drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance, as well as driving an unlicensed vehicle.

Fans have been disappointed that she’s still getting in trouble, while it has been shown in Return to Amish Season 4 that she’s been having a difficult time fighting for the custody of her two daughters. Both her children, three-year-old Oakley and six-month-old Arianna Grace, were taken from her as they are deemed unsafe under the care of their mother.

On her Facebook, she gave an update about her two little kids and shared that they are “doing spectacular.” Although, she revealed that it’s been almost a year since she has held Oakley, and she has not seen Arianna since a week after giving birth to her on Thanksgiving. The Children & Youth Services sent her photos of her kids when she was in jail, which Sabrina said she “really enjoyed,” per Starcasm.

“It makes me sad that in order to see my kids I had to go to jail. But am beyond grateful that I was able to see them.”

The father of her children is currently in jail, and Sabrina’s sister-in-law has the custody of Oakley and Arianna. On a positive note, Sabrina received a good news from her caseworker that her sister-in-law is willing to work with her so she can be with her daughters, as long as she stays clean. Sabrina suggested to watch Return to Amish to find out more of what happened to her kids, as she can’t reveal more details that would spoil the show.

The Return to Amish cast member shared that she had a relapse because she does not feel she still has a purpose. So knowing that it is still possible to get her children back gives her a new motivation to stay out of trouble.

Jeremiah and Carmela got into accident

In other Return to Amish news, husband and wife Jeremiah and Carmela, who were previously reported to be separated, have gotten into a car accident in Colorado. According to reports, Carmela was driving a Chrysler 200 and Jeremiah was in the passenger seat. Carmela shared on her Facebook account that she was hit by another car who was beating the red light.

“He came flying out of nowhere and luckily we had many witnesses. They said he was texting or messing with his phone.”

The Return to Amish couple sustained injuries. “When it happened we felt numb,” Carmela said. “As time passes we’re getting really sore. I checked [Jeremiah] has a line on his face and it’s purple. My left knee is swollen. My right side on my stomach hurts. If it doesn’t get better I’m going in.”

Return to Amish Season 4 airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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