‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Goes Above And Beyond For Fans At ‘Heroes And Villains’

While Arrow is on hiatus, Stephen Amell and the rest of the cast is hitting the road to meet fans at various conventions. One such stop was at The Olympia in London for the Heroes and Villains convention and, while Amell was joined by several other Arrow cast members, it seemed Stephen was the happiest to be there of all of them. At least that’s the impression he left with Arrow fans, when he devoted more to the convention than anyone else. The Heroes and Villains panel was a hit with fans for another reason as well. The group of actors shared behind the scenes gems, as well as teasing spoilers for Season 6 of Arrow.

Arrow Star Stephen Amell Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty

It’s been said that Stephen Amell loves his fans more than most actors and, as Movie Pilot reveals, this was proven once again at London’s Heroes and Villains fan convention. By the last day of any convention, actors are exhausted, sometimes irritable, and certainly ready to get home, but, instead of edging towards the nearest exit, Mr. Amell was content to stick around awhile longer.

In one of the most endearing moments to occur between an actor and a fan, Arrow star Stephen Amell reached forward to hug a fan.

“You have a nice day. OK?” said the Arrow star.

That alone is enough to prove Stephen is as devoted to his fans as they are to Arrow, but that’s not even the most surprising part of this story. The encounter came a half an hour after everyone else had departed.

“Our show floor closed half an hour ago, but @StephenAmell is still here, signing for his fans,” the official Heroes and Villains Twitter page tweeted.

I sprinted up to both of these girls. They were frightened. Now we're friends.

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This isn’t the first time Amell has been so generous and kind towards his fans, either. Previously, the Arrow star happened upon to women wearing hoodies with his face printed on them. The actor took the time to take a picture with the two unsuspecting fans.

“I sprinted up to both of these girls. They were frightened. Now we’re friends,” Mr. Amell captioned the picture.

Highlights From The Arrow Panel At Heroes And Villains

There were some interesting facts revealed for Arrow fans at Heroes and Villains and, as Mirror shares, not all of them had to do with the plot of the hit CW series. For instance, Stephen Amell discussed his participation on American Ninja Warrior, an appearance prompted by widespread fan interest. Amell revealed that competing in the challenges were made that much more unnerving by the presence of water. He said having to look down at the water tested his concentration. The Arrow star also revealed that he thought he had injured himself, during the American Ninja Warrior competitions.

“I felt something go,” Amell said. “I thought I tore my bicep off my bone after the third obstacle.”

Delving more into the Arrow series, Amell revealed that he came across fan criticism of Season 4 and found it difficult to disagree. Arrow launched some new concepts for Season 4, dealing with supernatural elements, but Stephen, like his fans, found the stories uncharacteristic of the series.

Reunited and it feels so good.

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Amell adds that he was happy when Season 5 went back to more traditional themes.

Asked about an Arrow feature film, Amell says he feels the money is better spent on a long-running series that allows the show to explore a variety of themes and story arcs.

Speaking of the future of Arrow, Stephen shared his thoughts with Arrow showrunners on how he’d like to see Oliver Queen evolve in Season 6.

“I like playing a character that has flaws. I haven’t talked to producers a lot about Season 6 yet, but based off the fact he now has a team…I did say Oliver needs to learn he can’t keep going it alone, or people will change the channel. He needs to use them.”

The Season 5 finale for Arrow aired on Wednesday, May 24 on The CW.

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