Huge Police Presence At Orlando International Airport After Reports Of Armed Man In Terminal [Breaking]

A huge police presence arrived at the Orlando International Airport on Tuesday evening as reports of a man with a weapon began rolling in. Countless police cars were on the scene and had the airport in lockdown after reports of a man with a gun or some other weapon in the rental car area of the terminal.

After more than an hour, Orlando Police have now reported that there is no longer an active shooter and no shots were fired. It has been reported that the suspect has been contained.

While waiting for more information from the police, images are starting to make their way onto social media.

Fox News is reporting that police officers are communicating with the armed suspect in the rental car area of Orlando International Airport – Level 1, Airside A.

As of this time, police have confirmed that there have been no injuries to anyone at the airport including the suspect. Officers are attempting to get him to give up his weapon. Orlando International Airport is reporting that passengers should contact their airlines for the latest flight status.

WFTV originally reported that an alleged gunman was in the car rental area of the terminal at Orlando International Airport on Tuesday evening. An employee at a car rental company said that he had heard shots fired during the incident and the area had been locked down.

Police quickly reported that no shots had been fired and that no suspect was arrested or in custody as some media outlets had been reporting. As of 9:04 p.m., the Orlando Police did confirm that the suspect had been “contained” without any shots fired at the airport at all.

According to WESH, the man who has been contained was accused of pointing a gun at an Orlando police officer in the airport. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings did confirm that a man with a gun was taken into custody by the police.

Orlando International Airport has informed all travelers and passengers that there should be only minor delays as roads are open, but there is some congestion. There is still not a lot of information that has been released about the incident at the Orlando International Airport on Tuesday night and police have said an update will come soon. Those who were on social media could see a massive police presence at the airport and on the roads leading up to the terminal as all available units in the area were called to the scene.

As the evening went on, there was a great deal of misinformation that was released via social media and even some major media outlets in Orlando and nationally. Some reports said the suspect had been arrested, then he wasn’t arrested, and then he was arrested again, but police tried to keep everyone updated with correct information.

The armed man at the Orlando International Airport is only the latest in a wide number of dangerous situations and incidents over the last couple of years. Those in Orlando are still very nervous and paranoid with any situation like this after the Pulse nightclub shooting which took place last summer. While it may have been an inconvenience for many, the Orlando Police truly did a great job on the scene to get it under control without further incident.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedel/Getty Images]