‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Getting Extreme Heat For Disrespectful Memorial Day Tweet

Social media allows for WWE superstars to not only interact with fans but further storylines when not on television. The only problem is that sometimes, things can be taken too far and not handled properly if a scriptwriter or creative team member isn’t calling the shots. A couple of weeks ago, a longtime superstar turned on his tag team partner, and they’ve taken the feud to Twitter. Now, R-Truth is getting extreme heat over his Memorial Day tweet.

When the heel turn happened, fans on social media were thrilled to see Goldust returning to his roots. One of the ultimate bad guys from wrestling history had returned, and it looked as if this could be a brand new chapter for him in his WWE career.

It was expected that he would dispose of R-Truth with a match or two before moving onto bigger and better things. Goldust could be inserted into the Intercontinental Championship picture on Monday Night Raw while R-Truth faded into obscurity once again.

Unfortunately, all of the awesome heat the Goldust generated and the babyface support he gave to R-Truth was destroyed in a single tweet on Memorial Day.

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Monday was Memorial Day, where the nation was to remember the fallen soldiers who gave their lives to protect those they serve. Many celebrities, including a lot of WWE superstars, tweeted out their support and tributes to those who have lost their lives serving their country.

Goldust was one of those who joined in on the tribute as he broke character to honor the fallen. While it wouldn’t be a bad idea for R-Truth to further their feud on social media, he chose the wrong time to do it, and Wrestling Inc. is reporting that he’s getting major heat for it.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to jump all over him for his response to Goldust. Many looked at it as being very disrespectful to Goldust during his honorary tweet and even more disrespectful to the fallen soldiers who were being honored on Memorial Day.

A number of other wrestling fans saw R-Truth’s tweet as nothing more than him advancing their storyline and staying in character off of WWE television.

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This past week on Monday Night Raw, Goldust revealed a new Shattered Dreams Production in a promo that had many fans remembering his first days as the character. Halfway through the promo, R-Truth interrupted and began quoting Pulp Fiction while cracking jokes and being his usual self.

Fans have never been big on R-Truth, and it is hard to believe that he’ll get a lot of support now that he is on his own again. WWE wants the fans to back him, though, as it will lend more credibility to the recently turned Goldust, who is a heel again for the first time in years.

All of this could possibly lead to Goldust vs. R-Truth on the pre-show of Extreme Rules, but nothing has been made official as of yet.

Goldust appears to have had some new wrestling life breathed into him ever since turning heel and attacking R-Truth on Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, he’s had the awesomely-generated heat that he’s gathered and seen it transferred over to his former tag team partner who is a babyface. The Memorial Day tweet was likely R-Truth just playing along and keeping the feud going, but he sure chose a poor time to make it happen.

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