Massive Heel Turn Expected To Break Up Enzo Amore And Big Cass Very Soon

Many WWE fans compared Enzo Amore and Big Cass to The New Age Outlaws. The two dynamic duos both had a unique chemistry with one another and the WWE Universe. However, Enzo and Big Cass haven’t been nearly as successful when it comes to winning championships. Despite their popularity with WWE fans and their near-perfect chemistry together, the two haven’t become champions in NXT or on Monday Night Raw.

Sooner or later, the vast majority of successful tag teams have a huge breakup angle. Typically, there’s a heel turn that forces the split. The feud between the former partners establishes the two characters and can make or break their singles careers in many cases. At NXT Takeover: Chicago, a massive breakup angle took place between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, but WWE officials are planning another huge angle soon.

Two weeks ago, Enzo Amore was found beaten down in the backstage area at Raw. Almost immediately, the main suspects were The Revival. Enzo’s attackers could be revealed to be Dash and Dawson down the line, but Enzo was found laid out backstage again during this week’s edition of Raw. It’s now being reported that WWE officials are planning to reveal that Big Cass was Enzo’s attacker, and give him a major heel turn soon.

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Apparently, WWE officials are planning to keep the “Enzo’s attacker” storyline going for some time before it is revealed that his attacker was Big Cass or anyone else. Over the next few weeks, the powers that be could change their minds about the turn. However, WWE has been discussing the idea of Big Cass turning heel for a while now. It also makes a lot of sense to turn him now because The Hardy Boyz have returned to WWE.

The company does not need to rely on Enzo and Big Cass to be the top babyface team on Raw anymore. As a result, WWE officials feel that it’s time to pull the trigger on their breakup because there are no plans for the duo to become Raw Tag Team Champions at any point in the near future. It’s been reported in the past that WWE officials are extremely high and they are expecting to develop Big Cass into a huge singles star soon.

Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of Big Cass. Initially, he was impressed with his size. Over time, he’s become a fan of Cass’ presence and work inside the ring. However, the powers that be want to help develop his mic skills and turn him into a top guy over the next few years. WWE officials giving Big Cass a huge push as a singles star was only a matter of time, but many people are very concerned about Enzo Amore’s future.

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In the inevitable feud that will follow Big Cass’ heel turn, Enzo Amore will lose. However, WWE officials are likely thinking that Enzo will be able to show his heart and the WWE Universe will get behind him. Enzo is more than capable of getting the fans behind him on the microphone, but his in-ring skills could be an issue for him in the long-term. A lot of people are wondering how Amore can continue to be successful in WWE.

Enzo and Big Cass going their separate ways and trying their luck as singles competitors was always the plan for WWE officials, but the fans will be disappointed the “Realest Guys in the Room” were never given a real chance to be Tag Team Champions. There is still a lot more for Enzo and Cass to do in the tag team division, but if WWE officials feel now is the time to split them up, that is what is going to happen for better or worse.

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