Jenelle Evans Confesses To Hiding Big Secret From Son Jace

Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans has recently confessed to keeping a big secret from her son Jace, and it has to do with her recently resolved custody battle.

Jenelle Evans and her mom, who have been bitterly fighting over her eldest son, Jace, for the past several years, finally went to court to settle what Jenelle thought was going to be the custody battle. However, things didn’t exactly go as Jenelle planned. Instead of getting her son back full-time, she and her mother were given a strict visitation schedule.

In the past, Jenelle Evans has accused her mother, Barbara, of holding Jace from her or even going so far as to “hide” him. The Teen Mom 2 star even stated that Barbara wouldn’t allow her to see her own son on Mother’s Day. And although the outcome isn’t exactly what Jenelle hoped for, at least it means that she and Barbara can no longer have bitter fights over who gets to see Jace when. Considering the custody agreement, the pair should have had something like this in place ages ago.

Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barb, took custody of Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, shortly after he was born. Jenelle, who was partying hard and addicted to drugs, was not able to take him on. While Barbara was supposed to give him to Jenelle when she was able to finally take care of him, she now feels like he is settled in his home and that she cannot uproot him.

But Jenelle Evans has been keeping a huge secret from Jace–she’s not letting him know about the custody battle at all.

“Jace recently asked me: ‘When can I live with you again?’ I said: ‘Well, hopefully by the summer you’ll be living here.’ But that’s all I told him – I don’t want him to know too much right now ’cause it’s really detrimental.”

Jenelle Evans’ attorney recently spoke to People about the custody arrangement.

“Barbara and Jenelle settled on a custody schedule that allows them to share time with Jace,” Heather Kaemmer told People.

“The new Order grants Jenelle specific periods of time with Jace so that Barbara no longer has the authority to determine if and when Jenelle can spend time with her son.”

Lucky for Jenelle, the new order went into effect immediately, which meant that she got to spend Memorial Day weekend with her son kicking off the summer.

The reality TV star has stated that after this new custody arrangement is in effect, she will continue to fight for full custody of her son once they revisit it in court. However, she has publicly threatened her mother to never allow her to see Jace again if she does gain full custody, which would definitely be detrimental to him since he has spent a lot of time with his grandmother over the past several years.

Fans are deeply divided over the issue of who should have custody of Jace, with some thinking that it is high time Barbara finally handed him to Jenelle Evans, and others glad that Jenelle is still not able to have him full-time.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have seen Jace ask both his grandmother and mother if they want him to live with them. From an outside perspective, it often seems like Jace tells both women what they want to hear, and does not necessarily speak from the heart. It is unclear if Jace was allowed to give a testimony on whom he would prefer to live with, but it is not likely considering that Jenelle Evans has admitted to keeping him in the dark about the custody battle.

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