Tiger Woods’ Wife, Elin Nordegren, Talked Car Crash/Drugs: Lindsey Vonn, Cori Rist React To Alleged DUI Arrest

Back in 2009, Tiger Woods was involved in a suspicious car crash that marred the golfer’s reputation and legacy. The details revealed by Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren. at the time are remarkably similar to what Tiger is claiming now with his alleged DUI arrest. The golfer is blaming prescription drugs instead of alcohol. In addition, Tiger’s ex-mistress, Cori Rist, is speaking up, and some people believe his ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, left a veiled comment on her Instagram account.

The Palm County Sheriff’s Department arrested Tiger Woods on suspicion of driving while under the influence after the golfer was picked up during a traffic stop at about 3 a.m. on Monday. The golfer spent his Memorial Day in jail after he refused to take a Breathalyzer test. Tiger’s mug shot given to the media by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office went viral largely because it showed how scruffy and beleaguered the golf legend had become.

What is interesting is how Tiger responded to the arrest. In a public statement, Tiger apologized to his family, friends, and fans and claimed he would do everything within his power to ensure his history with driving improves. Specifically, any mention of Tiger’s DUI was denied.

“I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions. I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved,” Woods said in the statement. “What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn’t realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly.”

Tiger claims alcohol was “not involved” in his arrest, but the official records indicate he had an unlawful blood alcohol level. Officers claimed Tiger acted “arrogant” during the arrest, and it’s reported that they “smelled alcohol” on Tiger’s breath.

Tiger Woods looks on after the final round of the Quicken Loans National at Congressional Country Club on June 26, 2016.
Tiger Woods looks on after the final round of the Quicken Loans National at Congressional Country Club on June 26, 2016. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Talked About Prescription Drugs After 2009 Crash

The first motor-vehicle incident which drew negative attention to the golfer happened on Black Friday in the fall of 2009. In the early hours of the morning, Woods crashed his new Cadillac Escalade into both a tree and a fire hydrant that was right outside of his Windermere mansion near Orlando, Florida. Elin Nordegren rushed to Tiger’s aid, smashing the window of the SUV with a golf club in order to pull him out.

According to the NY Post, Tiger’s wife told cops her husband had active drug prescriptions for the sleep medication Ambien and painkiller Vicodin. Tiger had already undergone sex addiction therapy, and the golfer’s mistresses claimed, “He enjoyed mixing Ambien and sex to heighten pleasure.” Tiger eventually sought treatment for his drug addiction, but he also blamed his cheating behavior on drugs, claiming that “the drugs were responsible for impairing his judgment.”

What makes this history relevant is that Woods’ statement said an “unexpected reaction” to prescription medicine, not alcohol, was the reason for his recent arrest. But don’t assume Tiger has a new drug addiction. The difference from 2009 is that in 2017 Tiger had his fourth fusion back surgery just recently, so it makes sense for him to be on prescription drugs since he’s undergoing rehab after a painful operation.

Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend For Years, Says The Future Is Bright

The many ladies in the PGA golfer’s past probably do not have much sympathy for the golfer’s current plight. After Tiger divorced Elin Nordegren in 2010, the golfer went on to date American World Cup alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn. The dating couple eventually split, so after Tiger’s arrest, many looked to Lindsey to see what she might have to say.

“Thankful for great friends and fun adventures but keeping my eyes on the horizon. The future is bright,” Vonn said in an Instagram post featuring her wearing a bikini.

Some gossip sites insist she must be “throwing shade” on Tiger. Maybe it’s just bad timing, but the Instagram post was made in the same time frame that news of Tiger’s arrest went viral.


The other women in Tiger’s life reacted differently. Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, Kristin Smith, reportedly “went crazy” upon hearing the news, broke down in tears, and then proceeded to go on an epic shopping spree that cost many thousands of dollars. On the other hand, Cori Rist, one of Tiger’s mistresses during his sex addiction phase, told the NY Post that she felt “compassion” for Tiger.

“I think he’s a good person, and clearly he’s a good father, and he’s going through a difficult time, and I think people should offer support instead of applauding his downfall,” Rist said. “I just wish him the best, and I hope to see a good outcome from all of this, and I think he’ll be OK.”

When asked if Tiger Woods’ drugs or alcohol were ever a problem when they were together, Rist replied, “No, never.”

[Featured Image by The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office/Getty Images]