Why Isn’t Jana Duggar Married Or Courting? ‘Counting On’ Fans Wonder Why Oldest Duggar Girl Remains Single

Why isn’t Jana Duggar married or courting? That’s the question fans of the Duggar family have been asking for a few years now, as the younger (comparatively) Duggar kids marry off and start families of their own, while the oldest Duggar daughter remains happily unattached at 27.

As the International Business Times reports, fans like to speculate on why Jana hasn’t tied the knot yet or even had a “courtship” (“courtship” being the archaic and quaint dating practice employed by the Duggar clan). Perhaps it comes from a place of wanting the best for the young lady, or perhaps it comes from a place of unsatiable curiosity about the goings-on in the reality TV family. Either way, Jana’s singlehood as she approaches 30 is a major concern for some fans.

On the Duggar Family’s Facebook page, fan comments show that they want Jana married.

“Jana is so beautiful! Is she not wanting to court (totally fine) or if she not finding anyone she likes?”

So what’s keeping the 27-year-old from tying the knot, even as some of her siblings, who are barely out of their teens, getting hitched?

Are Her Parents Keeping Her At Home For Free Childcare?

While some of her siblings have gotten married, moved out of the house, and started families of their own, Jana still has eight siblings under the age of 18 at home. Four of them — Johannah, Jennifer, Jordan, and Josie — are all pre-teens or younger. As any mom of even one or two preteens (or teenagers) can tell you, keeping up with the kids’ demands is a full-time job.

What’s more, the Duggar children are all home-schooled. Meanwhile, Michelle and Jim Bob are popular speakers, which means that they’re oft away from home on speaking engagements.

As one fan wrote on the family’s Facebook page, “Part of me is happy that Jana remains single but then I remember all those younger siblings for whom she has to shoulder most of the responsibility and it’s like she’s trapped somehow.”

In other words, the Duggars need all the help they can get, and Jana is an adult who can provide free labor, so why mess with a good thing?

Does Jim Bob’s Approval Come Into Play?

As fans of the Duggar family know, adults and older teenagers in the family don’t enter into relationships with members of the opposite sex willy-nilly. Any relationship must be approved of by dad Jim Bob, and even then, it’s a process. First comes “courting,” which is seen as a precursor to marriage and not a casual relationship. Courting couples aren’t allowed to touch each other beyond side-hugs, and all dates must be chaperoned. Then follows engagement, where the couple is actually allowed to touch each other!

Considering the requirements of dating in the Duggar family, is it possible that Jim Bob is keeping Jana from courting simply because he doesn’t like any of her potential suitors?

Or Maybe She Just Isn’t Ready To Be In A Relationship?

Despite the Duggar family’s insistence on living their lives according to old-fashioned values, the fact remains that Jana is an adult woman, and this is the USA, not Afghanistan or Saudia Arabia, so she can marry whomever she pleases whenever she pleases. Further, it’s 2017, not 1957, and a woman approaching 30 who isn’t married is not a sign of shame of dishonor.

However, what goes on behind closed doors in the Duggar household is not public knowledge. It could be that Jana has been so bullied by her upbringing that she feels trapped. Or maybe, just maybe, she simply hasn’t met the right guy yet, or she isn’t ready for marriage, or any number of other things that have been keeping her from getting married.

Why do you believe Jana Duggar is still single?

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