William LeGate, Trump Twitter Troll Extraordinaire, Deletes Account After Being Humiliated By Alt Right

Chances are if you're heavy into the Twitter world of Trump, whether because you love him or hate him, you've heard the name William LeGate. A 22-year-old millennial computer prodigy with an impressive following (at least he used to have one before deleting his account), LeGate never missed a tweet from the president. It didn't matter if the tweets came from Trump's personal Twitter account or his @POTUS account, William would respond with tweets upon tweets upon tweets. He'd reply to his own tweets to write more, all of them in some way bashing President Trump or his supporters.

A couple weeks ago, the Inquisitr published an article about Trump Twitter trolls. Naturally, it featured loads of tweets from William LeGate. Now the embeds are gone, the text of what he'd written now in their place, because certain people from the alt right decided they'd had enough of Mr. LeGate and took the trolling to him, resulting in the deletion of his account.

According to Heatstreet, William decided earlier this week to troll 4chan, a social forum that includes a channel called Politically Incorrect (/pol/), of which the regular users have executed some mass trolling of those from the Resistance movement.

The tech genius didn't even "@" 4chan's account; he simply tweeted, "I own you 4chan. Don't you ever 4get. 4D chess."

Sources note that it's possible LeGate never wrote this tweet.

"There is a possibility this tweet was forged and used as to attack LeGate. There's no evidence of him actually tweeting it, just a cut off screenshot, passed around social media."
Whether or not he wrote it, 4chan responded with a vengeance. Users hacked into his Twitter account and tweeted LeGate's phone number and added his address to his profile page.

Trump-supporting trolls also found a photo of William on the beach with his shirt off and photoshopped it to make it look as if his nipples were much larger than they actually are. Because of this, people are jokingly referring to the entire falling out of LeGate as #NippLeGate.

William LeGate nipples photoshopped
Same photo with nipples now appearing larger. [Image by Everipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0]

Additionally, a bunch of web users are under the impression that the serial Trump tweet responder is a member of the violent anti-Trump group Antifa, as Twitter's Beverly Hills Antifa, who isn't really affiliated with Antifa but rather is a Trump supporter mocking the group, tweeted a photo of a young man, who has his face partially hidden with a bandanna, resembling LeGate.

The tweet says, "Yes, William LeGate is a member of Antifa. Best nipples in #TheResistance. Period."

This, of course, does not mean the millennial techie is a member of Antifa, though that's not stopping people from passing it along as truth.

More drama has been created thanks to William's father, Duane LeGate, who's been tweeting up a storm ever since his son's Twitter account was hacked. Just to be clear, Duane is not a liberal. He's made it clear he does not agree whatsoever with junior LeGate's political stance.

According to Duane's Twitter feed, before the chaos brought forth by his son, he hadn't posted to his Twitter account since November 17, 2015.

Duane then claims that junior LeGate's 90-year-old grandmother and two younger brothers were doxxed and hounded by trolls.

Anti-LeGate trolls somehow found William's mother, who also doesn't share her son's political beliefs, on vacation and went to work tormenting her. She became frightened and was forced to cut her trip short. Duane called her hotel and gave them the heads up that his wife was a victim of what he called "stalking."

Unfortunately, efforts to give Mrs. LeGate peace from the harassment she'd endured while out of town proved futile once she arrived home.

Trolls also targeted Duane LeGate's business.

For his last tweet, Duane addressed a couple rumors about his son, insisting that William is not affiliated with Media Matters for America or Antifa and that he's not a paid troll.

Media Matters for America is a liberal organization committed to keeping tabs on conservative media. They were recently in the news for calling out Fox News host Sean Hannity for his coverage of DNC staffer Seth Rich's mysterious and unsolved murder. According to them, Hannity was guilty of promoting "conspiracy theories" about Rich's death.

What does William LeGate have to do with this? Before calling it quits on Twitter, he'd been serial replying to Hannity's tweets, telling others to boycott advertisers of Sean's time slot on Fox and continually demanding he be fired. LeGate's last Twitter username was "Fire Hannity," with emoji hands pointing to the phrase on either side.

This, of course, does not mean he is or was working for Media Matters, but 4chan users reportedly speculated about it enough that it became another rumor.

What will become of William LeGate? Some on Twitter believe there's no way he'll be able to stay away and may return under a different name and avatar. There is already a new account of someone who could technically be him tweeting as if they're him, but according to William's father, he's not yet returned to Twitterverse, nor will he in the immediate future.

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