Too Far: Scott Disick Dragged Sofia Richie Into His Revenge Campaign Against Kourtney

Scott Disick is being booted out the Kardashian family after he went on a sex spree in Cannes, involving Sofia Richie, launching a vicious revenge campaign against Kourtney Kardashian.

But Kourtney Kardashian couldn’t care less about Scott Disick’s latest stunts, as the baby mama reportedly thinks he’s “absolutely pathetic” and “a mess,” and won’t let him go near their three kids.

Scott Disick was with quite a few women during his stay in Cannes last week, but TMZ citing its insiders says it was a “well-planned offensive to hurt” Kourtney Kardashian and make her jealous.

It looks like Scott Disick needs some offensive strategy learning, as his revenge campaign against Kourtney Kardashian – with its ultimate goal presumably being to get back together with the baby mama – failed miserably.

Sofia Richie, who previously dated Justin Bieber, was only one of many girlfriends seen hanging around Scott Disick since arriving in France. But all of them were reportedly only part of his revenge offensive against Kourtney Kardashian for dating 23-year-old model Younes Bendjima.

Scott Disick has been maniacally trying to get back together with the mother of his three kids, Kourtney Kardashian, for quite a long time since their infamous 2015 split, but so far all he’s done with his revenge attacks was push away the Kardashians, plague his public image, and annoy Kourtney to the point she banned him from seeing their kids.

And apparently, not all of the women Scott Disick, who had earlier defended his erratic behavior by saying he’s a sex addict, has hung out with were happy about being used by him only to get back with Kourtney Kardashian.

Bella Thorne, who was spotted with Scott Disick on the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, is particularly annoyed, according to TMZ. Sources cited by the publication said the 19-year-old actress feels “used” by Disick after seeing pictures of him getting cozy with a cavalcade of other women in Cannes.

It’s not the first time Scott Disick has gone on a revenge campaign against Kourtney Kardashian, so Bella Thorne should have seen it coming. Just weeks prior to Disick’s sex spree in Cannes, the TV personality caused quite a stir in the Kardashian family when he snuck a random girl into his Dubai hotel room, and the whole thing aired on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But not all of the ladies Scott Disick was pictured with in Cannes were “used” by him, as Sofia Richie took to Twitter on Sunday to address rumors by saying they were “just homies.”

Besides Bella Thorne and Sofia Richie, the list of Scott Disick’s ladies in Cannes also includes his ex-girlfriend stylist Chloe Bartoli – who’s basically the woman to blame for Disick’s 2015 split from Kourtney Kardashian after the two were spotted together – and a mystery brunette girl.

Kourtney Kardashian, meanwhile, didn’t shy away from having her hands all over her new boyfriend Younes Bendjima during their stay in the French Riviera, further fueling Scott Disick’s outrage.

Scott Disick’s sex spree in Cannes has prompted Kourtney Kardashian to take action against the father of her three kids. According to People magazine citing its source, the Kardashian won’t let him see the kids until he cleans up his act.

The insider says Kourtney Kardashian will refuse to let him see their kids unless he “shapes up.” She also reportedly finds Scott Disick “absolutely pathetic” and “a mess,” and is wondering when he’s going to come “crying and asking for forgiveness.”

“She plans on being firm. Get help, or he won’t come near the kids.”

This is the end of the Scott Disick vs Kourtney Kardashian revenge tale for now. New developments will surely come rolling in soon.

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