Rachel Lindsay’s Dog Copper Steals The Show On ‘The Bachelorette’: Why Did He Have A Cast On His Leg?

Rachel Lindsay has a special man in her life—and it’s not her mystery fiancé on The Bachelorette. The 31-year-old Bachelorette star may have found her forever love on the ABC reality show (Lindsay has already announced that she is engaged to one of the men she met on the show), but she had a little help from the guy that was there first, her dog Copper.

On Episode 2 of The Bachelorette, Rachel revealed that her first official date of the season would not be a one-on-one, but a two-on-one—with her dog as a chaperone!

“Copper is my dog child,” Rachel said during the episode.

“He’s not just my best friend, he’s also my baby. I’m putting Peter to the test early because my best friend can be a tough critic.”

Rachel Lindsay’s dog Copper got a lot of screen time on Episode 2 of The Bachelorette as fans saw him frolicking about during Rachel’s date with her suitor Peter Kraus. In fact, the dog-friendly date—to a Palm Springs puppy pool party called BarkFest—was more about Copper than Peter! The dog had a blast playing in the pool and Peter scooped him up to dance with him during a puppy dance party. Copper even made a cameo during the couple’s fancy dinner later in the episode. At the end of the evening, Peter told Rachel’s dog: “Thanks for letting me share a first date with your mom!”


While Rachel Lindsay is clearly smitten with Copper, Bachelorette fans are too. The adorable dog made his Episode 2 debut when he hopped out of a limo with a sparkly blue cast on his leg. Lindsay introduced Copper to Peter and described him as her best friend, who was in “a really bad accident” and hadn’t seen in a really long time. Lindsay’s only on-camera explanation was that her pet was involved in “an accident,” but she presumably told Peter the details once they were on the private plane to Palm Springs. Fans didn’t get to hear the explanation of Copper’s injury on-camera, but after The Bachelorette aired, Rachel posted to Twitter to reveal that he broke his toe jumping off of something.

Bachelorette fans fell in love with Rachel Lindsay’s dog at first sight. One fan wrote that the dog-themed date was better than the entire last season of The Bachelor.

According to Romper, Rachel Lindsay’s dog is a 2-year-old rescue dog that she adopted fairly recently. The site reveals that on one of her earliest Instagram pics of Copper, Lindsay wrote that she thinks the mixed breed pup is a Finnish Spitz and German Shepherd mix.

Somebody behaved for their haircut today ????✂️#CopperAsh #dog❤️ #nofilter

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The dog, whose full name is Copper Ash, actually made his TV debut on The Bachelorette season premiere. Copper was relocated from Dallas to live in Los Angeles in Lindsay’s private suite during filming of the ABC reality show earlier this year. Fans saw snippets of him playing in their suite and by her side as she put on that 25-pound sparkly gown for Rachel’s very first cocktail party of the season.

In an interview on Bachelorette superfan Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, Rachel Lindsay revealed that her dog “demanded” to be part of her season of the rose-filled reality show.

“That’s my dog child and he said whoever’s gonna be his newest daddy — if I pick one — he needed to be a part of it,” Lindsay told Kimmel.

While Copper did crash Rachel’s one-on-one date with Peter, The Bachelorette star told Kimmel her canine bestie “wasn’t there for every single episode.”

You can see Rachel Lindsay’s dog stealing the show on The Bachelorette in the video below.

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