Beyonce Twins Names: What Will Jay Z And Bey Choose? [Rumors]

Beyonce is pregnant with twins, expecting to expand her family by two in the coming weeks. She and Jay Z are elated to be giving their daughter, Blue Ivy, not one, but two siblings in 2017. Although there has not been any official news when it comes to Beyonce's due date or the sex of her unborn twins, fans have been keeping up with potential "clues" that the "Drunk In Love" singer has shared since make her big baby announcement.

As fans will remember, Bey gave away some hints about her first baby (at least, that's what many have decided), so just about everything she does, says, or posts these days is thoroughly inspected.

According to The Sun, many fans have settled on Beyonce and Jay Z welcoming a boy and a girl. Bey has been wearing a lot of items (from earrings to dresses) with both pink and blue, leading many to believe that she's preparing for a baby girl and a baby boy.

"In the announcement photo, she was pictured wearing blue silk underwear with a mismatched purple bra. In another set of photos, she drew attention to a giant set of earrings she was wearing adorned with blue, white and pink crystals. She has also started posted stickers onto her photographs of butterflies and flowers in purple – a mix of blue and pink," reports The Sun.

As far as baby names go, The Sun has rounded up some of the recent online speculation, but something tells us these names won't be chosen for baby Carter.

"Fans online have speculated that the babies may follow the [colorful motif set by their eldest child – with Lemon being a frontrunner as a name thanks to her smash-hit album, Lemonade. Another way they could lean would be by naming their children after literary characters – which is how they found Blue Ivy's name," reports The Sun. The site goes on to list a couple of name options suggested by an online name generator. Cobalt Lichen, Mauve Palm, and Copper Willow are likely not on Bey and Jay's radar. Another fan-suggested option? Becky. The world can collectively agree that Beyonce and Jay Z won't be choosing that name.

Although Beyonce and Jay Z have not revealed too many details about their new additions-to-be, Bey has been sharing quite a few photos on social media, posting baby bump pictures on a regular basis, much to the delight of her fans.

Although Beyonce has not revealed her exact due date, many believe that she is about eight months along. Assuming she did not reveal her pregnancy until she was at least three or four months along (to ensure that everything was going well and that her babies were both growing at a healthy rate), Bey's due date would be coming up in the next month or two. The fact that she is having twins and this is her second pregnancy could also mean that she won't go a full nine months. There is a good chance that Bey will go into labor a couple of weeks early, which could put her due date sometime in June.

Lastly, the superstar celebrated her baby shower this month, which usually happens about a month or two before a baby's scheduled due date. Needless to say, the world will be seeing two new baby Carters very soon.

Do you think that Beyonce and Jay Z are having boy-girl twins? Do you have any guesses on what the couple might choose to name their newborns? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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