'The 100' Season 5 Spoilers: Details About Prisoner Ship, Nightblood Child, And Will There Be A Space Baby?

The 100 Season 4 finale recently aired, but there are already some details about Season 5 available. After the last episode, fans have a lot of questions. For example, what is the deal with the prisoner ship? Are they just coming back to Earth, or have they been seen in the show before? What can be revealed about Madi, the Nightblood child that is hanging out with Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor)? Also, is there a possibility that someone will return to the planet with a child of their own? Executive producer Jason Rothenberg answered these questions in an interview with IGN.

Spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know more information about the next season of The CW series.

A lot happened during the season finale of The 100, and fans even got a glimpse into what to expect in Season 5. One thing that viewers have been talking about is the prisoner ship that Clarke and Madi saw approach Earth. At first, they thought it was Clarke's friends who went into space to avoid the second apocalypse. However, on closer inspection, Clarke realized it was not transporting her friends, but prison inmates. According to Rothenberg, there were Easter eggs in previous episodes.

"They're a totally new group of people. But there are Easter eggs in Season 4 that point to long duration mining space missions and a group of prisoners that went missing. So that's there in the background of a few different scenes in an early episode and a middle-season episode. I was trying to plant some scenes for that story. But no question it's a total left turn that brings the thing back full circle."
What is interesting about the prison ship is that the roles are going to be reversed. When The 100 first premiered, Clarke and the Sky Crew were the prisoners that came to Earth. They encountered the Grounders and it set the stage for some interesting and tense storylines. Now, these prisoners are going to arrive in Season 5 and Clarke will be the Grounder. How will she react to the new group?In the season finale, Clarke was seen with a young girl. It turns out she is a Nightblood child named Madi. The executive producer teased a little bit of information regarding Clarke and Madi's relationship.
"She's been journeying. She's been scavenging. When we find her in Season 5, we will flash back and tell the story of how she made it. Ultimately, finding Madi was a lifesaver for Clarke. Suddenly she had a companion. Suddenly she had a reason to live. By the time we see her in [Episode] 413, they've been together a number of years. It's really a mother/daughter relationship. There is no question that Clarke is bonded, parentally, to that child now."
However, Clarke will have to make some decisions in The 100 Season 5 that will be more difficult now that she is responsible for Madi. One choice might benefit her friends, but won't be good for Madi. On the other side of the coin, does Clarke do what is best for the Nightblood child, but risk it not being good for her people? There might be a time when Clarke will have to make tough decisions that will not benefit both sides.IGN brought up the possibility that one of the characters up in space might have a baby. When asked about this, it didn't sound like that was in Rothenberg's plans. However, anything can happen. The executive producer explained that on the Ark, birth rates were monitored. Couples were only allowed to have one child and that is why Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) was a prisoner. She was the second child and even though Bellamy (Bob Morley) helped his parents hide her, Octavia was eventually found and punished just for existing.
"I do think having a child up there would make surviving infinitely harder. Much like birth rates were closely monitored on the Ark prior to the series starting, that's not a burden they want to take on."
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