May 30, 2017
Donald Trump Indictment: N.Y. Attorney General Reportedly Brought RICO Charges For Trump's Russian Mob Ties

Donald Trump is reportedly facing a sealed indictment originating from the New York State Attorney General, one that could ensure that the president is removed from office and sent to prison.

There are reportedly a series of investigations at the state and federal level into Trump's connections to Russia throughout the 2016 presidential election, including one already confirmed by the FBI. Trump has been accused of coordinating with Russian intelligence officials who released emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign leader, John Podesta, in a move that damaged Clinton during the campaign.

While the nature of the investigation remains hidden from public view, with only leaks from intelligence agencies about Trump's alleged ties to Russia, a new report claims that an investigation from New York state may be moving along the quickest. An update from independent journalist Louise Mensch --- who has shared information from her intelligence agency sources on Twitter --- claims that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has delivered a sealed indictment currently being held in the Eastern District of Virginia, one that will serve as the basis for Trump's impeachment.

On her site Patribotics, Mensch claimed that the "case was based on the activities of Russian mobsters like Semion Moglievich who lived in Trump Tower, Russian oligarchs, and others."

"Upon his own judgement and belief, Schneiderman decided that his case touched both Federal issues, and issues of National Security. He took his case to the Federal authorities," Mensch wrote. "While the appropriate Federal District can often be location-based, if a federal case is to start on the same factual basis, the court chosen can also be based on subject matter. Because National Security is involved, Schneiderman brought his case to FISC to be heard."

While there is no independent confirmation of Mensch's report, Schneiderman has said in recent weeks that he plans to serve as a check on Donald Trump.

Mensch and others with connections to the intelligence agencies have come under scrutiny for some of the revelations shared online and through Twitter. Though Mensch has correctly reported a number of revelations before other mainstream media outlets, she has also shared plenty of information that remains unverified.

Schneiderman reportedly pulled his state case and submitted it to the federal court as a RICO case. The sealed indictment turned in against Trump is now intended to form the basis of his impeachment, the report noted. If he is impeached and removed from office, Trump could then stand trial for the charges and would face the possibility of prison time, Mensch has reported.

While the indictment that reportedly originated in New York has moved forward, there are also reports that the U.S. intelligence agencies have stepped up their investigations into Trump's alleged ties with Russia.

A report published Monday in the New York Observer by former NSA analyst John Schindler claimed that the NSA is in an "unprecedented hunt for KremlinGate evidence" after the agency itself came under attack from Russia during the 2016 campaign.

"The Kremlin has tried to smear NSA for years, and that clandestine campaign got a big boost with the defection of Edward Snowden to Moscow almost four years ago. As I've explained, discrediting NSA and its global intelligence partnerships played a key role in Russia's interference in our election last year. In order to counter pervasive lies about the agency and its mission, the reported preservation order includes collecting all customer requests for unmaskings, plus records of which agency analysts accessed the information and when, exactly: in other words, complete data trails of all incidents of SIGINT unmasking in 2016."

While the reports of a sealed indictment against Donald Trump have ramped up, the White House and the president himself continue to deny any improper contact with Russia either during the campaign or after.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]