Melania Trump On Memorial Day: Melania’s Hand Swat, $51.5K Jacket, Cost Of Not Moving To White House Go Viral

First Lady Melania Trump is making news on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29. Twitter displays such terms as “Melania Trump” and “Melania swat” and “Melania hand swat” and “Melania jacket” and “Melania Memorial Day” as commonly suggested search terms, indicating their popularity. As reported by the Inquisitr, Melania’s choice to wear a $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana jacket overseas has earned some backlash for Mrs. Trump, especially in light of the price of one designer jacket representing nearly the entire average annual salary of an American in 2015.

Scrolling through the popular tweets on Twitter regarding Melania going viral on Memorial Day, one comes across a very popular post from the verified account of Scott Dworkin, co-founder of The Democratic Coalition Against Trump. With more than 4,500 likes and 5,500 retweets, the tweet contains a photo of a letter purportedly from the Department of the Army, claiming childcare programs for military personnel were cut. The tweet goes on to claim that $30 million per month is spent on Melania in New York City, before her move to the White House.

“Doc: We spend $30 million a month on Melania in NYC but military childcare programs are now suspended…

As reported by the New York Times, detractors wondered how Melania justifies exorbitant costs, such as a designer jacket that could represent an average American’s annual salary.

Not only is there resistance to Melania’s designer clothing costs by certain critics, there’s also controversy over President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to science and medical research, according to the Washington Post.

However, it is Melania’s hand swat seen halfway around the world, as reported by the Inquisitr, that seems to still fascinate folks online, even after Mr. and Mrs. Trump returned to the White House from their foreign travels.

Also getting plenty of attention in the wake of Melania’s hand swat is video of the second time that it appeared Melania avoided holding President Trump’s hand, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Plenty of the buzz on Twitter about Melania on Memorial Day features people wondering where Melania is on Memorial Day. As of this writing, a search for the most recent photos of Melania via the Associated Press gallery of images does not yet show Melania’s activities on Memorial Day.

The same holds true for the most recent searches of photos of Melania on Memorial Day via Getty Images. The most recent images of Melania in both of those galleries of images show Melania returning to the White House with President Trump as the duo ended their foreign journey.

Many people assumed Melania was hiding on Memorial Day. According to Heavy, Melania spoke — however, it wasn’t at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, but on May 27, at the Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily.

A sampling of the comments flowing into Twitter on Memorial Day regarding Melania can be read below.

“Melania Trump wore a $51,500 jacket. So what? Donald probably asked her if she wanted another one in a different color.”

“Melania wants to stay in NYC because she HATES you!!! EVERYONE saw how she slapped your hand away!!! HAHAHA!!!

“See what happens when Melania is not there to swat him?”

“Everyday is like Christmas since we elected the Trump Corp to deal with our 20T debt. Melania, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr are just great.”

“I bet Melania shares champagne popsicles with injured vets. She’s that classy.”

“Melania is 23 years younger than Pres Trump.”

“Melania don’t work for us….she doesn’t deserved our tax money. If she can pay $51,000 for a jacket….she can finance her lavish life.”

“Melania’s D and G $51,000 jacket would probably pay a year’s salary for 2 employees.”

“We stand by Melania .”

[Featured Image by Luca Bruno/AP Images]