'General Hospital' Spoilers: Valentin Cassadine Enters A Love Triangle With The Devane Twins

General Hospital spoilers are teasing chaos for the upcoming week. The Nurses Ball is over, and with that, the Chimera Project can finally be addressed. Friday's General Hospital episode saw Jake (Hudson West) getting ready to activate the deadly toxin as Jason (Billy Miller) and Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) probed him to do what they each wanted him to do. All of this stems back to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) putting it into the hands of Helena for money to fix his appearance. As all of this comes to a head, he is left to feel guilty as Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) falls victim to the toxin.

All of this ties into Valentin's past with the WSB and the Devane twins. Anna and Alex (Finola Hughes) have both been working on gaining his trust, though Alex has gone above and beyond by switching places with her sister. He will soon realize that while he blamed Anna for everything that happened to him, she was not at fault.

Rumors of a possible pairing of the two have been running rampant, but nothing concrete has been confirmed. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers reveal that a love triangle could be on the way. Could the Devane twins battle over Valentin Cassadine's love, or will he remain with his wife, Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford)? The possibilities are endless, but it is certain that he will at least feel some doubt regarding his feelings for the sisters and his wife.

The Chimera Project is going to bring relationships into question as things progress on General Hospital. Valentin will be worried about his daughter who will be injured by the toxin he thought had been long gone because of Helena's death. Anna and Alex are both connected to the project, and one knows more than she should. General Hospital spoilers are foreshadowing a confrontation between Valentin and the twin sisters as he rushes to find out what will happen to his daughter. Rumors are churning that Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) will save little Charlotte, possibly alluding to the fact that he is her real father. The storyline is complex and almost completely centered around the deadly toxin.

With the conclusion of Jake's magic act approaching this week on General Hospital, there are plenty of questions about what is going to happen. Anna is on hand to watch the magic show along with Jakes' parents and Valentin and Nina. They are waiting for him to finish along with his two assistants, Charlotte and Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer). Once they see what is in the thermos, everyone is immediately stunned. Spoilers reveal that Jason had a flashback where he remembers that Jake is trained to be deadlier than he was, and that is when he jumped up to try and stop him from releasing the toxin. Valentin already knows what it is and is in panic mode, while a figment of Jake's imagination has Helena in the corner coaxing him to do what he was told. General Hospital spoilers confirm the toxin is released and the consequences could be deadly.

As the week begins on General Hospital, there are still a lot of questions. The Chimera Project was supposed to be locked away, and it will be unleashed in a room full of people who are important in Port Charles. The consequences of it will likely not be too much, as spoilers have not confirmed a death from the deadly toxin. Valentin will go looking for answers from Anna and Alex, leaving him in a position to evaluate his feelings. Anna was unsure about their relationship and not remembering what he was telling her was confusing until she realized Alex was behind all of it. Could this dangerous situation turn into a budding romance between Valentin and one of the sisters? General Hospital spoilers are hinting that is exactly what fans should expect.

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