Former WWE Champion 'The Rock' Continues To Tease A Run For President In 2020

At first, it appeared to be simply a lighthearted comment that held no weight. Now, it seems like the support that he is acquiring from fans who really want him to run for President in 2020 may be causing The Rock to reconsider the seriousness of it. The Rock, 45, has shown how busy he is throughout daily tasks, which has recently included multiple media appearances, filming for his television show, Ballers, and especially promoting his new film, Baywatch.

Despite everything that is on his schedule, The Rock continues to tease a run for the highest position in office come 2020. The most recent tease come in the form of a Twitter retweet. A follower pleaded for Dwayne Johnson to retweet him so he could skip his final assignment for his class. Johnson did retweet, along with the comment, "So I get your love, your 2020 vote AND you skip your history final... WE ALL WIN (now at least take your final for fun ;)."

This is not the only time that The Rock has teased a 2020 run on Twitter. Rock also retweeted someone promoting his Project Rock t-shirt, along with a plug for the 2020 election. He also retweeted a "Brahma Bull for prez" post, with the person sporting an American-themed Brahma Bull t-shirt. On television, he joked about a presidential run with Tom Hanks on the highest SNL show in six years.


The Rock for President talk first became popular after his interview with GQ magazine. Johnson was asked, despite being the highest paid actor, if he would consider being the President of the United States. Without hesitation, he answered, "I think that it's a real possibility," The interview also highlighted that Johnson has a very relatable story, going from a very financially difficult upbringing (despite his father and grandfather being former WWE stars), which included his family being evicted from their one-bedroom apartment during his adolescence.

This eviction caused The Rock and his family to move to Nashville, Tennessee, where his father was wrestling. During this experience, Fortune reports, motivated him to maintain his goal of never wanting his family to ever get evicted again. As a result, Rock started training and lifting weights after school, as well as endeavor in a professional football career. However, due to a back injury, he had to forfeit his football career, which led to a dark hole in his career path, and a subsequent move back to Florida after a failed attempt in the Canadian Football League.

Embarrassed and depressed, he went back to Florida (after playing football for the University of Miami), and felt that pro wrestling was the direction he needed to go. He also recalled a time where he emptied his pockets and had seven dollars to his name. Hence, the name of his production company, Seven Bucks Productions.

After multiple world championships in the WWE, as well as becoming one of the most popular names in pro wrestling history, Rock decided to endeavor in movies in the early 2000s, which also fulfilled his dream of becoming an actor. Now, Seven Bucks Productions produces a multitude of theater and television, including movies such as Universal's The Janson Directive, New Line Cinema's Shazam, and DreamWorks' Alpha Squad Seven, as well as shows such as HBO's Ballers, Spike TV's Rock the Troops (2016), CNN's Soundtracks: Songs that Defined History (2017) and HBO Documentaries' Rock and a Hard Place (2017).


The Rock has shown a life of going from rags to riches and is a prime example of what happens when someone is determined to achieve their goals, no matter what hurdles are in front of him or her. In his potential quest to become United States President, it would be interesting to see what political party he would choose, and what kind of strategy would be constructed to forward his campaign.

[Featured Image By Chris Pizzello/AP Images]