Amber Portwood's Brother Speaks After Matt Baier Labels Him A 'F****t' On 'Teen Mom OG'

Amber Portwood's brother, Shawn Portwood, has been dragged into a ton of drama during the currently airing season of Teen Mom OG on Twitter, he's weighed in on a lot of it.

As fans will recall, Amber Portwood was seen calling her brother during last week's episode to get his opinion on the possibility of her and Matt Baier eloping in Las Vegas. Then, when he wasn't on board, Baier blasted him as cameras rolled and called him a "f***ing f****t."

In response to the comments, Shawn Portwood took to Twitter to make it clear that he was not okay with what had been said.

"I'm not sure what they will air tonight about what I said but just know that what he said was definitely wrong and I do not condone it," he wrote. "Calling anyone that name is not appropriate and although I don't believe he meant it as he said it, it was still wrong."

Matt Baier also blasted Amber Portwood during the episode and told a producer he wouldn't ever marry her. He even suggested the woman give "oral pleasure" to someone in order to distract viewers from the humiliation he endured because of his fiancee.

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Days after addressing Matt Baier's comment, Amber Portwood's brother returned to Twitter to address the ongoing speculation into Baier's possible relationship with a woman named Tiffany.

"Do you know what the biggest problem is? The only reason why this stuff is being put out is because Tiffany wasn't relevant anymore," he wrote to his fans and followers on May 27. "No one cares period when the spotlight was off of her and back on Amber and Matt for what they were doing she put this out."

"Y'all make this out like it's major news but nobody cares," he added.

According to Shawn Portwood, he had nothing to do with the recent text message screenshots which allegedly included a private conversation between him and a woman who claimed to have been intimate with Matt Baier during a trip to Las Vegas during his relationship with Amber Portwood.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have been facing tons of breakup rumors in recent weeks, including allegations of infidelity and lies, but at this point in time, the couple is not only still together but are also considering the idea of releasing a sex tape with Vivid Entertainment.

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Amber Portwood's brother, Shawn Portwood, was also mentioned in a recent report regarding the taping of a Teen Mom OG special earlier this month. According to an audience member in attendance, there wasn't as much drama between Shawn Portwood and Matt Baier that some may have anticipated.

"Honestly, Matt and Shawn were getting along fine and were joking and laughing together during commercial breaks," the audience member revealed to The Ashley's Reality Roundup last week. "But they only showed the part where Shawn seems to be questioning Matt's motives."

"Shawn and Matt interacted a lot more than Amber and Matt did! She really didn't talk to anyone or interact with anyone while she was filming," the audience member continued. "She didn't talk to Nessa or Matt during the commercials. There was no real affection or anything happening there between them. Matt may have been acting like everything was peachy but Amber was really, really mad at him and everyone."

According to the report, Amber Portwood isn't happy with how MTV has allegedly edited the scene to make it appear that she and her family are at odds.

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