Angie Dodge And Lori Billingsley Missing Teens Found Dead Slated For Investigation Discovery

Angie Dodge and Lori Billingsley will be the subject of Who Killed Angie Dodge? and Motives and Murders: Cracking The Case on Investigation Discovery. Angie Dodge and Lori Billingsley were two teens who disappeared and were later found dead. For the documentary Who Killed Angie Dodge?, Keith Morrison will interview Angie Dodge's mother, who now believes that the man convicted of killing her daughter two decades ago is innocent. Inquisitr introduced you to the story when it aired a month ago on CBS 48 Hours. On Investigation Discovery's Motives and Murders: Cracking the case, the murder of Lori Gale Billingsley, who vanished more than 30 years ago, will be dramatized. The episode title for Lori's case is called "A Sister's Promise." Lori Billingsley's sister and Detective Murray of the Washington County Sheriff's Department will be interviewed by producers.

Who Killed Angie Dodge?

On Who Killed Angie Dodge? with Keith Morrison, detectives will retrace the steps of the missing 19-year-old teen, who was found dead in her apartment in Idaho Falls. Her autopsy found that she had been raped and her throat sliced. The crime happened in 1996. It was Angie Dodge's co-workers who made the discovery when she didn't show up to her job at a local beauty shop.

Once Angie Dodge's mother was notified, she went on a relentless search to investigate her daughter's murder. The investigation fingered Chris Tapp as the prime suspect. Carol Dodge hated Chris Tapp for years, believing that he was the murderer. Tapp ended up making a confession to the crime after grueling interviews with police. Christopher Tapp spent 20 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit. He was finally released from prison in March of this year.

Who Killed Angie Dodge will show that Angie Dodge's mother, Carol Dodge, had a lot to do with his release. After researching her daughter's case for herself, she knew in her heart there was no way Chris Tapp was the killer, the Idaho Statesman reported.
"For over 10 years Carol Dodge hated me. She thought I was the worst person in the world. Then Carol became one of the biggest advocates I have had in my life. Carol is an amazing woman. She is one of the strongest women I have known."
Lori Billingsley's Murder

Motives and Murders: Cracking the Case will begin with the disappearance of Lori Billingsley, a 17-year-old teen who went missing just after leaving her home. She was last seen by her mother and sister at their apartment in Oregon. The Aloha High School teen was expected to walk to the store with a male acquaintance named Kenneth Lee Hicks (Ken Hicks), who claimed that he went home that night.

Sadly, Lori Billingsley's body was found in a drainage ditch on the side of the road. An autopsy report concluded that she had been raped before she was beaten and strangled to death. On Motives and Murders, detectives will recount speaking with a 12-year-old girl witness, who wasn't able to recall much years later.

The case went cold in the 1980s but was solved many years later after sperm found inside the victim matched the DNA of Kenneth Hicks, the same Ken Hicks, who cops suspected and interviewed back in 1982.

According to Oregon Live, by the time police matched the DNA once they reopened the case in 2010, fifty-two-year-old Ken Hicks had been married for 20 years. He was stunned when detectives came knocking on his door.

Ken Hicks was sentenced to serve at least 20 years in prison for the murder of Lori Billingsley. The victim's sister had a hand in solving the case since she continued to fight for justice and never allowed the murder of her sister to be forgotten.

Who Killed Angie Dodge? airs tonight at 8 p.m. and Motives and Murders airs this Tuesday, May 30, at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.
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