'Southern Charm' Stars At War! More Nasty Accusations Fly Between Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis

Thomas Ravenel's custody battle with Kathryn Dennis is heating up. The Southern Charm stars are each requesting full custody of their two kids, and Dennis now claims that Ravenel dated their nanny's teenage daughter. How will this affect his bid for custody?

According to Daily Mail, Dennis unleashed some wild accusations against Ravenel during their latest court appearance. The court records reveal that Dennis believes Ravenel dated a teenager and "encouraged the underage drinking of the nanny's daughter in front of the children!" The couple had two kids during their explosive relationship – Kenzie, 3, and Saint, 1.

Radar Online reports that the nanny, who cares for both children, has not commented on the matter. Kenzie and Saint currently reside with Ravenel in his South Carolina home. The reality star was awarded full custody after Dennis failed a drug test last year. Dennis went to rehab shortly after the incident and has reportedly been sober ever since. While Dennis dished on Ravenel's dating life, he says their children aren't safe in her care.

Ravenel and Dennis were in a relationship from 2013 to 2015. The couple never exchanged vows, and their custody issues have played out the past few seasons of Southern Charm. According to Radar Online, Dennis is so alienated from her kids that they don't even call her mom.

Dennis also claims that the children's nanny wouldn't allow her to attend Saint's christening in April. The court records reveal that Ravenel even threatened to call the police if Dennis didn't leave the service in time.

"[The nanny] refused to allow [her] to hold her son and [Ravenel] told [Dennis] that if [she] did not leave the reception, he would call the police," the documents read.

In light of all that has happened over the past year, Dennis feels alienated from the rest of her family. To remedy the situation, she is seeking full custody of the brood and only wants Ravenel to have visitation rights. She also wants $10,000 for every day that she can't visit her kids.

While the accusations will probably hurt Ravenel's reputation, he is still looking to date someone new. In fact, he recently revealed that he dated an 18-year-old but ended the relationship when he realized it wouldn't work out.

"In one case, I was actually talking to a girl who was one-third my age. She was 18!" he explained. "I was like, 'this is ridiculous… Oh my God, I can't do this now.' She was one-third my age!"

Ravenel added that he's still on the lookout for love but doesn't want to get in a bad relationship. He is currently trying to get with his Southern Charm co-star, Landon Clements. "I need to constantly put myself in a position to meet the right kind of woman," he shared. "And it's not going to be hanging out receiving bottle service at [a club]."

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have had a volatile relationship since they first met during Season 1 of 'Southern Charm.' [Image by Bravo]

Meanwhile, it's unclear what will happen in the custody battle. Although Dennis clearly has a history of drug abuse, she refuses to release her rehab records for examination. These records could influence the court to grant her custody, but they could also be pretty damaging to her case.

Although Ravenel and Dennis are clearly at war, People reports that she is ready to make amends with her ex. In a preview for a coming episode of Southern Charm, Dennis is shown reading a letter she wrote to Ravenel in which she says she is "truly regretful of the way things ended." She then apologized for making things hard on the kids and said she is "sincerely sorry to them" and to Ravenel.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Monday nights on Bravo.

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