Ryan Serhant 'Million Dollar Listing': Luis D. Ortiz To Make A Return To Hit Show This Season

Ryan Serhant is back for another season of Million Dollar Listing: New York, and he's excited to welcome a new real estate agent. Last year, Luis D. Ortiz revealed that he would no longer be on the show because he wanted to leave real estate behind completely. Fans were shocked and surprised, but he didn't find it to be his passion anymore. Ryan and his co-star, Fredrik Eklund, were surprised to see Luis leave the show, as it had become quite popular. It had been nominated for two Emmys over the past couple of years.

According to a new Entertainment Tonight report, Ryan Serhant is now letting fans know that they shouldn't worry about Luis D. Ortiz. As it turns out, he isn't completely gone. In the interview, Serhant reveals that Luis will always be a part of the Million Dollar Listing: New York family, and he will pop up on this season of the show. Even though Ortiz is no longer on the show, Ryan is optimistic about the new agent Steve Gold.

"Steve is like if James Franco was a broker," Ryan explains in his interview with Entertainment Tonight about how the season is completely different this year, where Ryan is filming with the newbie Steve Gold, adding, "He's very different. He is the opposite of Luis, in like every way possible. Which I think is fun, and will be fun for people to watch."

When Entertainment Tonight asked him what was different about this new season, Ryan revealed that there is less crying this season. He hints that Gold is more of a James Franco personality and overall less emotional. Of course, Luis cried a lot last year because he was trying to figure out what he wanted to do, as he wasn't happy in real estate.

"I feel like with Luis it was a very emotional, emotional roller coaster of a show," Serhant explains about this new season, adding, "But now, I think it's more dramatic, but it's not as much of a roller coaster. Less men crying, I'll say."

It doesn't sound like Luis wants to continue in real estate. At present time, he has moved to Paris, France, to pursue another life. He wanted to launch a business, and it sounds like selling expensive property isn't on his radar. But Ryan Serhant would welcome him back to Million Dollar Listing: New York if he wanted to come back on the show.

"Luis can never go away 100 percent," Serhant points out, adding, "He doesn't want to be in the business, be in the city, [but] Luis is, I think now, forever a part of our lives. You know, he's gonna be like that old college friend that's always right there with us."

On Instagram, Ryan Serhant revealed that fans shouldn't worry about Luis D. Ortiz. As it turns out, he will surface later this season, as he couldn't stay away completely. And fans who follow the agents on social media know that they go to Paris to visit D. Ortiz later this season. Ryan revealed the news on his Instagram page, as he asked fans to welcome Steve with open arms.

"All I ask is that you welcome Steve with open arms. He's a great broker, a great friend, and I think he's great on the show. And don't miss Luis too much - he shows up all over this season! See you next weeekkkkk," Ryan points out on his social media pages.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant's comments about Luis D. Ortiz? Are you surprised that he will make a return on this season of the show?

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]