Camilla Parker-Bowles Once Pretended To Be The Mayor's Wife To Get A Parking Spot

Camilla Parker-Bowles, the woman who will one day follow in Victoria's footsteps and be titled Queen, is apparently no stranger to lying her way out of trouble and stealing a mayor's parking spot.

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, who has faced public hostility for marrying Prince Charles following the 1997 death of Princess Diana, apparently has affection to being a wife of high-profile men.

Long before Camilla wed Prince Charles, she once pretended to be the Mayor of Chippenham's wife only to get a parking spot. The seemingly bizarre incident was revealed by her daughter Laura in a lengthy exclusive piece by the Daily Mail.

Camilla Parker-Bowles, whose 2005 wedding to Prince Charles made her the number two royal lady in the land, once stole the parking spot that was "Reserved for the Mayor of Chippenham" at the entrance of her local Sainsbury's.

However, Camilla's attempt to pretend to be the wife of the mayor failed miserably when she was confronted by no one else but the mayor. Not knowing what the mayor looked like, Camilla went on to lie her way out of trouble by telling the mystery man that she was the mayor's wife. Imagine Camilla's surprise when the man replied to her, "What a joy to meet you for the first time, I'm the mayor!" and booted her off his parking spot.

Although it's been 12 years since Camilla married Prince Charles and officially became a royal, she is still under the media's constant watchful eye, but public hostility against her has significantly diminished over the years.

Camilla Parker-Bowles, who told the Daily Mail that she barely left the house due to the public abuse for her relationship with Prince Charles following the death of Princess Diana, says the media scrutiny was "deeply upsetting" and "horrid."
"I wouldn't want to put my worst enemy through it. I couldn't have survived without my family."
Despite the heated criticism from the British media, Camilla is approaching a pivotal milestone in her life – the gran-of-five turns 70-years-old in July.
Camilla Parker-Bowles, who is said to be attending 200 royal engagement a year, is now in large demand for public appearances. But being the royal and most likely the next Queen hasn't spoiled Camilla, her friends say, who revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall never dwells on the possibility of becoming the next Queen.

Even Princess Diana's former courtier said Camilla's "warmth is what everyone catches." Being one of the most important figures in Britain is not the easiest role one can assume, which is why Camilla sees the need to do "normal" things as well.

In addition to walking with her dogs, Camilla Parker-Bowles watches a lot of TV. In fact, she prefers Nordic TV series such as The Killing and reads Robert Harris and Susan Hill and all the Booker-nominated novels.

The death of her brother Mark Shand in 2014 left a big gap in her life, and the Duchess of Cornwall admits that she "misses" him.

This past spring, Camilla Parker-Bowles went on a nine-day official tour around Europe with Prince Charles. It was a hectic tour for Camilla, who had to fulfill engagements from morning till night.

All the public hostility has been tough on Camilla, but she says she would have never got through it if it wasn't for Charles and laughing. While Camilla Parker-Bowles admits that she has to be "quite a strong character," she reveals the secret behind achieving things no matter what: And that secret is to "laugh through most things." And Camilla reveals that "sometimes I do a bit too much."

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