‘Young Sheldon’ Trailer Gets Over 22M Views As ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Fans React To Spin-Off

Young Sheldon first impressions are in as fans of The Big Bang Theory react to the highly anticipated spin-off’s trailer and the young actor that portrays the character made popular by Jim Parsons.

A little over a week after its release, the preview of the CBS’s The Big Bang Theory spin-off series has racked over 22 million views on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, the broadcast network told Deadline.

And with that number comes a wide array of opinions—mostly first impressions—of the show which features Sheldon Cooper as a 9-year-old genius living with his parents and siblings in East Texas.

After seeing the five-minute trailer, Cinema Blend noted that Iain Armitage’s impersonation of Parsons’ infamous character in TBBT and the title role in Young Sheldon is “uncanny.”

The young star who became popular for his role in Big Little Lies can pass as a clone of the Sheldon Cooper we know and love in The Big Bang Theory to the point that it’s a bit “creepy.”

“Iain Armitage is delivering a Saturday Night Live-worthy of Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper, and it looks downright effortless. Sheldon’s cadence is as methodical as the character’s other mental and physical talents, and it’s a pretty signature style,” the article reads.

Ian Armitage attends the premiere of HBO's "Big Little Lies".
[Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

And while the show is titled Young Sheldon, it definitely showcases the exact same character fans loved and loathed from The Big Bang Theory—only in a more retro-looking environment than the CBS series.

Of course, Sheldon Cooper is not the only character featured in the show. Sheldon’s mother is portrayed by Zoe Perry and his twin sister, Missy, is played by Raegan Revord, two characters who have been introduced in The Big Bang Theory.

However, Shelly’s father George Cooper, Sr. played by Lance Barber appears to be the ultimate sentimental focal point of the show with the trailer showing how the young genius warmed up to his father during the Young Sheldon pilot episode’s final sequence.

In fact, TV Line deems this part of the show as its best asset when compared to The Big Bang Theory, saying that the show “is stronger when it’s being sentimental, and that’s where its Wonder Years-like charm lies.”

Jim Parsons Plays Adult Sheldon in 'The Big Bang Theory'
[Image by CBS]

On top of that, the outlet also lauded Armitage’s performance as Sheldon Cooper especially when he emulates a couple of “Parsons’ mannerisms and speaking cadences” like in the scene at dinner during his exchange with his older brother, George Jr.

“Think, monkey, think.”

Overall, the outlet sees Young Sheldon with a positive light as CBS promises that it “not only tested well with Big Bang fans but more interestingly also appealed to those who are not familiar” with the world of the adult Sheldon in TBBT.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend is looking forward to the release of the show, which is set on Mondays starting September 25 at 8:30 p.m. EST evenings and Thursdays beginning on November 2 when it finally moves to its regular timeslot after The Big Bang Theory.

Social media users also have a couple of things to say about the show, including bad ones as follows.

Still, TBBT fans are looking forward to seeing Iain’s performance as the 9-year-old version of the emotionally backward character Parsons has played for almost a decade.

Of course, some are still unsure as to whether or not they want The Big Bang Theory spin-off for as long as the popular CBS sitcom is being aired, while others are just plain uncertain on why the show was created in the first place.

What is your first impression of CBS’s Young Sheldon? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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