WWE Rumors: WWE Officials Adding Midcard Championship To NXT Soon

Ever since the brand caught fire with wrestling fans a few years ago, the NXT Championship has been one of the most prestigious titles in the business. Several great performers have held the championship and used it as a launching pad to superstardom. NXT's Tag Team division has been regarded as one of the most exciting in WWE. The NXT Women's Championship is one of the most coveted titles in all of professional wrestling.

A lot of people believe that NXT's consistency with their titles is one of the brand's greatest strengths and it's different than Raw or SmackDown each having four championships of their own. Historically, title reigns in NXT are also longer, which makes title changes huge moments for the fans to enjoy. However, it seems NXT officials believe a change is necessary, and they may be adding NXT's first midcard championship very soon.

There has been an argument for a midcard championship in NXT for awhile. It has been argued that a title in the midcard would give an additional spotlight to others on the roster. For instance, Tye Dillinger never had a chance at the NXT Championship because Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Bobby Roode were on top of the brand. However, a midcard title may have been his calling card to make his name.

Bobby Roode is the Only Male Title Holder in NXT
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Bobby Roode has been red-hot since debuting for NXT, and he's the NXT Champion. It's safe to assume that he will be holding onto the title for awhile longer, which doesn't give much opportunity to other performers on the roster. It's a good structure because not everyone can be a title holder, but there is more than enough depth on the NXT roster right now to support a midcard championship, especially with the current talent.

For instance, NXT officials are giving Roderick Strong a much bigger push, and someone like Drew McIntyre doesn't have a direction on NXT programming. A feud is developing between Kassius Ohno and Hideo Itami since Chicago, and Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano is going to be a huge feud whenever both men are healthy. A midcard championship could add more fuel to the fire or direction for any of those performers.

WWE just debuted new designs for all of NXT's titles at NXT Takeover: Orlando. The summer months are coming and NXT Takeover: Brooklyn could be an opportune time to debut a new title. The name of a new championship always takes some getting used to, but an NXT Television Title or something similar could be great for the brand. It is established, continues to grow, and another championship is just a matter of time.

Pete Dunne is the Current UK Champion
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WWE officials have started showcasing the United Kingdom Championship on NXT, which was a good idea. Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne at NXT Takeover: Chicago made believers out of everyone that the title should be taken seriously. However, the powers that be could be featuring the UK Title on NXT to fill that void that a midcard championship would fill for the brand. In the long-term, eventually another title will be a necessity.

The WWE Universe loves NXT, and it's history. However, so many great performers have gone through the system without winning gold during their time with the brand. The big names like Roode can be associated with the NXT Championship, but the fans would notice the caliber of strong performers who went through NXT and won their midcard title. In many ways, the fans would be proud of those stars because they didn't have the spotlight of being in the main event. In all ways, a midcard title is a great idea for the NXT's future.

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