Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi Still Together, 'The Bachelor' Couple Promises Relationship Is Real

The Bachelor 2017 winner Vanessa Grimaldi has promised fans that her relationship with Nick Viall is as real as it gets. In a new interview, the 29-year-old reality star recalled how pleasantly surprised she was with how easily she fell in love with Viall.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Vanessa Grimaldi looked back at her time as a contestant on The Bachelor 2017. The special-education teacher revealed that she was also doubtful at first about finding love on national television. Given that there were 30 women fighting for the Bachelor's attention, their interaction with him has always been short, almost never enough to get to know the "real" Nick Viall.

"Going onto this show, I was skeptical and I had those questions like, 'Can I really fall in love with someone this easily and this quick?' And I did."
Unlike other The Bachelor and The Bachelorette couples who had a hard time adjusting to the real world, Grimaldi said that it was a smooth transition for her and Viall. She added that the connection they shared inside the Bachelor mansion was just as strong, if not stronger.

"It didn't even have to do with the environment. We connected so quickly and so early on. And that's what people mostly ask, like, 'How is it between you guys? Is the love there? Is it real?' And it is!" she said.

Early this month, several reports claimed that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi were planning on moving to Los Angeles, after The Bachelor. According to TMZ, the couple has been looking for units at the trendy South Park neighborhood in downtown L.A. Now that Viall's lease, courtesy of Dancing with the Stars, is reportedly about to expire, the couple is on a tight deadline. The website reported that Viall and Grimaldi took an interest on a two-bedroom, two-bath unit in a 38-story luxury skyscraper. Even though they have yet to sign the lease, Viall and Grimaldi definitely looked interested as they spent 45 minutes touring the apartment.

In a previous interview with E! News, Vanessa Grimaldi shared that her family was very supportive of her plans to move to the U.S. The Montreal native shared that they all sat down, together with Nick Viall's family, to talk about this big decision. She said that everyone was happy that she and Viall are eager to start a new chapter of their life as an engaged couple. As for her career, Grimaldi shared that she's still planning on teaching after they move to Los Angeles.

Although The Bachelor 2017 couple insisted that their relationship is as real as it gets, some experts were unfortunately still less than optimistic. Elite Daily talked to a couple of relationship experts, asking about the probability of Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi actually walking down the aisle.

Lori Salkin, Senior Matchmaker and Dating Coach at, believed that majority of the relationships crafted on a television program were "destined for failure." The dating expert pointed out that "real relationships" were ones that are created behind closed doors, adding that outside media influence can definitely affect how a relationship functions.

"In reality, no one tweets, or posts on Facebook or Instagram every single thing they do with their boyfriend or girlfriend in a relationship. In reality, people avoid controversy and drama, but for TV that's what gets the ratings," she explained.

Elite Daily also pointed out The Bachelor fans have been noticing that Viall and Grimaldi did not look the happiest whenever they're out in public together. Julia Bekker, another dating coach/expert, however, pointed out that Viall and Grimaldi's opposite personalities might actually end up make their relationship stronger.

"Vanessa is vulnerable and cautious, emotionally, and Nick has a way of giving her the validation she needs to feel safe and reassured. Nick has a pretty laid back personality, and Vanessa seems to have a way of motivating him and lighting a spark under his butt," she said.

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