Chelsea Houska DeBoer Says Daughter, Aubree, Is An Amazing Big Sister

Chelsea Houska DeBoer is one of the moms on the Teen Mom franchise who seems to have it all together. The young mother of two has recently married the love of her life, Cole DeBoer, and the pair welcomed a son, Watson, three months ago. An according to Chelsea, her eldest daughter, Aubree, is an amazing big sister.

She recently shared in a candid Twitter post that, exhausted from taking care of her son, she accidentally slept in and made her daughter late for school. In the same social media post, she expressed she couldn’t wait for Aubree to be home for summer vacation.

And now that summer has arrived, it seems that Aubree is a huge help to her mom around the house.

“I’m already loving having aubree home for summer vacations for a number of reasons….” the young mom tweeted.

She continued her thought in a second tweet.

“But the fact that I’ve gotten uninterrupted showers AND have been able to get ready bc she’s such a great big sis and plays with Watson is [okay hand emoji],” she tweeted.

It seems that seven-year-old Aubree is taking being a big sister to Watson like a duck to water and is doing a great job as a big sister.

Aubree is already the big sister to Paislee, three, whom she shares father Adam Lind with. However, Chelsea Houska has expressed that Adam has not been the model dad. In addition to often not showing up to MTV filming and saying that he continually gets a bad edit, he recently failed a drug ordered test for meth. The dad of two was recently ordered to give up unsupervised visits of his youngest daughter, and told that any visit he did with her had to be with another responsible adult.

He was also ordered to go to court recently for refusing to pay Chelsea Houska and his other baby mama, Taylor Halbur, their child support. A source close to Adam stated that Adam had decided he didn’t want to pay the women because he thought the amount of money he owed each month was “ridiculous.” However, it seems the state of South Dakota wasn’t in agreement with him and he was ordered to pay a combination of over $10,000 to both women.

Chelsea Houska has accused Adam Lind of only showing up to Aubree’s events when the MTV cameras are there, and a heartbreaking scene last season showed Adam missing his daughter’s birthday without even a phone call. While this is horrible for Aubree, Chelsea’s husband, Cole, has stepped up to the plate and acted as a male role model for his young stepdaughter. In addition to attending Aubree’s softball games and chorus concerts, he also took the little girl to a father/daughter dance when her own father failed to turn up.

Aside from her drama with Adam, Chelsea Houska seems to be incredibly content with her life as a mother of two. Cole is especially excited as this is his first child.

Chelsea Houska let it slip on Twitter that she already has baby fever and is longing for a child number three with her husband. She mused on social media how she could be holding a three-month-old and now want another child.

The reality star confessed that she is so attached to her new son that she can’t get out to go to the gym, so she moved the elliptical machine into the living room so she can still spend quality time with Watson while she works out. She vowed not to have another baby until she loses all of her baby weight, which is a motivation for her to get her old body back.

[Featured Image by Chelsea Houska DeBoer/Instagram]