Amber Portwood Publishes Fiance Matt Baier’s Lie Detector Test, Accused Of Creating Fake Results

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier of Teen Mom OG have been smack dab in the middle of a cheating scandal since Easter. During that time, Matt Baier was accused of sleeping with various women, several of whom came forward with “evidence” that they had been having an affair with Matt. One woman even claimed that she and Matt had a child together and that Matt has nothing to do with the new child’s life.

Although Amber Portwood claims she trusts Matt, she still had him take a lie detector test to prove that he had not been cheating on her. Several news outlets reported that the pair had the test done when they were in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie and TV Awards and that Amber sent Matt home to Indiana ahead of her and said he had to be out of the house before she returned home.

However, Amber Portwood released what are supposedly the lie detector test results on her Twitter during an epic rant that has since been deleted. The lie detector test confirmed that Matt had not cheated on Amber, nor thought about cheating on her, during their relationship.

After posting the lie detector test, Amber Portwood decided she had nothing to prove to her fans and quickly deleted it. Of course, the Internet being the Internet, countless fans still were able to screenshot it.

“You know what I don’t need to prove anything..deleted. hope you got your screenshot,” she wrote.

Several people, including Tiffany Bassett, one of the women Matt Baier allegedly cheated on Amber Portwood with, stated that they thought the lie detector test results were faked.

According to a parody account called AmberLPorkwood, Matt Baier bought his lie detector test results and that Amber’s brother, Shawn Portwood, has already confirmed that Matt failed the original lie detector test.

According to the parody/troll account, Matt and Amber purchased the lie detector test results simply to post them online and show fans that he had passed everything with flying colors.

Fans also encouraged Amber to leave Matt, stating that if she didn’t trust him and needed to give him a lie detector, perhaps she should give her relationship more serious consideration.

“Just the fact that you felt the need to give him a lie detector test should tell you something! Move on girl! Worry about your daughter!” one fan wrote.

Tiffany Bassett, a recovering cancer patient, has stated that she and Matt had an affair during his relationship with Amber Portwood. According to Shawn, Amber’s brother, Tiffany brought everything up again because she “wasn’t getting enough attention.”

Several of Amber Portwood’s fans, however, have pointed out that Amber has stated that Matt has cheated on her in the past and are wondering why she is both sticking with him and pretending that it has never happened.

Shawn Portwood has, however, told fans via Twitter that the whole charade is pathetic and that people are pretending it’s huge news, but it really isn’t a big deal.

Still, Amber Portwood should absolutely trust her gut and not stay with a man she has trouble believing. Earlier this season, she had a breakdown when trying on a wedding dress as she confessed to a Teen Mom producer that she loved Matt and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but couldn’t trust him.

Amber Portwood has delayed the wedding once before and has recently announced that the pair’s October wedding has been put on hold once again. It’s hard to say if the two will eventually tie the knot one day, but Amber certainly isn’t rushing to the altar.

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