Galaxy Note 8: Leaks, Rumors Suggest Larger Screen, Snapdragon 835 PRO, Dual Cameras And Embedded Sensors

Leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have begun emerging in a steady stream, and while the smartphone is yet to be officially released by the South Korean tech giant, the upcoming flagship phablet is slowly taking shape. If the latest leaks about the 2017 device are any indication, it appears that the future titans of the mobile industry such as the iPhone 8 would have some serious competition.

A TechRadar report has stated that there is a good chance that the Galaxy Note 8 would be fitted with Samsung’s biggest mobile phone display to date. This is saying something, considering that the Galaxy S8+, the larger one of the two flagships that have already been released this year, is already equipped with a sizable 6.2-inch panel. Considering that the Note 8 series is traditionally a large device, there is a good chance that the upcoming flagship phablet would also carry a 6.2-inch display, or even a larger one measuring 6.4-inches.

A brief video leaked from China has recently emerged, claiming to depict the front panel of a Galaxy Note 8 prototype. The video, which could be seen below, undoubtedly shows a phablet-grade device. While the measurements of the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 panel were not given, it was pretty clear from the video that the display was significantly wider than the one found in the Samsung Galaxy S8+. The height of the panel, however, seemed to be perfectly in line with the larger S8 flagship, furthering the notion that the Note 8 would be the largest flagship the South Korean tech giant would release this year.

As for the resolution of the Note 8, rumors have so far been split, with some stating that the upcoming flagship would be equipped with Samsung’s first 4K panel and others suggesting that the tech giant would opt to provide the flagship phablet with a QHD+ panel. If the latter proves true, the Note 8’s display would be similar to those found in the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Other rumors about the Galaxy Note 8 are more unanimous, however, such as those involving the processor that Samsung is set to utilize for the upcoming device. While unconfirmed, a SlashGear report stated that there is a good chance the Note 8 would be fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 PRO SoC, a more advanced, more capable variant of the already stellar SD 835 found in the South Korean firm’s first 2017 flagships. Coupled with the widely rumored 6GB of RAM for the upcoming phablet, there is no doubt that the Note 8 would be able to outgun many of this year’s best flagship devices.

Considering that the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ included compromises such as the devices’ awkward fingerprint sensor placement, speculations are high that the Note 8 would be a device that would be far more refined than its predecessors. With this in mind, latest rumors suggest that the Note 8 would likely be fitted with an embedded fingerprint sensor, similar to the one widely rumored for the iPhone 8. Interestingly, an integrated sensor was also rumored for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, though alleged production problems ultimately forced Samsung to adopt the flagships’ awkward sensor placement.

Another feature that was absent on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ rumored to be coming to the Note 8 would be a dual-camera sensor. Leaks featuring what appeared to be a Galaxy S8+ prototype featuring a two-camera design have recently emerged, seemingly confirming rumors that the advanced sensors were supposed to have been included in the 6.3-inch flagship. With Samsung missing its chance with the S8 and S8+, it is highly plausible for the Note 8 to be equipped with the advanced imaging sensors.

With dual-cameras and embedded fingerprint sensors, the Galaxy Note 8 would definitely be one of the most refined handsets in the market this year. So refined, in fact, that it would most likely give its biggest rival, the upcoming iPhone 8, a run for its money. Inasmuch as these rumors are interesting, however, it is important to note that Samsung has not confirmed any of these speculations about the Note 8 so far. Thus, these rumors must be taken with a notable grain of salt.

[Featured Image by Valentin Valkov/Shutterstock]