Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson’s Father, Gave Personal Homeless Focus To Charity Work

Everyone loves Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” and it is no coincidence that in the video MJ flips a coin to a homeless man that he was not expecting.

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, is being noted in the media for dressing like she is homeless. However, if her father was alive, he might be inclined to see the comments about his daughter as a way to draw positive publicity to one of Michael Jackson’s favorite charities — homelessness.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Paris Jackson was on a movie set, and someone told her “homeless people are not allowed here” because they assumed she was homeless by the way she was dressed.

While the media is focused on Paris Jackson dressing down while in public, there could be an alternative explanation if she is dressed casually in the future. For example, Paris Jackson could have been dressing down because she was putting in work with a charity.

Michael Jackson’s children are very active in charities in Los Angeles, and Prince Jackson is the leader of Heal LA.

Paris Jackson is just getting started with her life in the celebrity spotlight, and she has big shoes to fill when it comes to matching her father, Michael Jackson, in his charity generosity. For example, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Michael Jackson donated millions to charity in his lifetime.

Some of Michael Jackson’s biggest charities include the “We Are The World” fundraiser for starving people in Africa during the 1980s famine. Another charity of Michael Jackson’s, Heal The World, is still active.

Although he contributed millions in his lifetime, Michael Jackson is still donating to charity after his death. For example, Michael Jackson’s billion-dollar estate is still making profits off of the rights to his creative property and the estate is also still donating 20 percent of its earnings to charity each year.

Michael Jackson has focused on world hunger, poverty, children, and the environment in his charity work, but he also had a special kind of generosity to the homeless.

Michael Jackson estate donates 20 percent to charity.
Michael Jackson's estate is still donating to charity after his death. [Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

After Michael Jackson died, several people close to him revealed the overt acts of generosity that MJ would regularly demonstrate to the homeless.

A 2013 Hello! Magazine interview transcribed by Contact Music was especially telling about Michael Jackson’s generous nature toward the homeless, and he was not the type to solely donate a check to a charity during the holidays.

For instance, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, revealed that MJ would often give homeless people he drove past $300 to $400 “or sometimes more.”

After Michael Jackson died, his personal security guards told a tale of MJ in Las Vegas. When Michael Jackson was riding around Las Vegas and saw some homeless people gathered together, he gave a woman $300. Her nearby homeless friend saw that he gave her money, and Michael Jackson also gave him $300.

The security guards explained that Michael Jackson ended up spending the rest of the evening handing out $100 bills to homeless people they found as they drove around in Las Vegas.

About his night of random charity in Las Vegas, the security guards told the New York Post that Michael Jackson told them the following.

“It’s just amazing. This country is so rich, and these people are poor and living on the street.”

Michael Jackson’s kids will likely continue to work in charities over their lifetime, and a family friend was recently quoted by People stating that the Jackson children “want to make their father proud” and that they live “like Michael Jackson is constantly looking down upon them.”

Carrying on his father’s legacy, Prince Jackson has a specific focus on the homeless in his Heal LA charity. In November 2016, Daily Mail reported that Prince Jackson was getting a business degree at LMU, and he got his college involved with a Heal LA project.

Michael Jackson's Heal The World charity lives on through his children.
Prince and Paris Jackson understand that raising money for charity means making a statement. [Image by George Rose/Getty Images]

At that time, Prince Jackson was raising money to give holiday gifts to over 175 Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles members.

Another Prince Jackson charity project started a few months later focused on homelessness. The Heal LA charity partnered with another organization centered on raising money for foster children that are “aging out of the system” and are therefore at risk for homelessness.

In March, Prince Jackson did publicity interviews about the A Sense of Home charity project on major news networks, according to UPI.

Prince Jackson also mentioned that Michael Jackson had a huge image that is hard to live up to, but Prince was more concerned with “working to get my own epithet.” While Prince Jackson admits he does not have the entertainment talent of his father, it is entirely possible that charity could be a way Prince Jackson eventually outshines his father.

[Featured Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]