Val Kilmer And Tom Cruise Are Hyped To Return As Iceman And Maverick In ‘Top Gun 2’

A Top Gun sequel is finally happening after 31 years, and while some might suggest this is more rumor than fact, stars of the original 1986 film are confirming that a plan is in the works. Tom Cruise has previously been vocal about his desire to reprise Maverick in Top Gun 2, but, until now, no one else from the cast has expressed interest in reprising their roles. Proving that the excitement shared by Cruise is contagious, Val Kilmer is publicly sharing his desire to reprise the cocky yet likable Iceman for Top Gun 2.

Val Kilmer Wants In On Top Gun 2

The Iceman cometh. At least that’s the insinuation behind Val Kilmer’s latest social media posts, as The Sun shares his interest in returning to Top Gun 2. Kilmer shared a picture of himself donning an Iceman T-shirt, which shows a drawing of Val’s younger self with the “Cool as Ice” phrase printed below the image. The photo expresses Kilmer’s desire to return as Tom “Iceman” Kazanski for the Top Gun sequel in no uncertain terms.

Val is seen grinning from ear to ear and looking as bright and exuberant as always, proving he does still have it in him to be a top gun, as his caption suggests.

“Friends said it’s official – #TOPGUN2 was announced today. I’m ready Tom- still got my top gun plaque! Still got the moves! Still got it!” Val Kilmer captioned the picture.

Mr. Kilmer’s use of the word “still” may imply more than the three-decade lapse between Top Gun and Top Gun 2. Val recently battled oral cancer, which took him away from his acting projects on both the stage and on film. Amid rumors about his condition, Kilmer overcame the cancer and worked toward strengthening his body and returning to work as a healthy and fit actor.

Now, Mr. Kilmer may be hoping to allay fears that reprising Iceman might be too strenuous for the actor. As Val’s post indicates, however, he’s ready, willing, and excited about joining the Top Gun 2 cast.

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 2 Is A Go!

Proving that Top Gun 2 is more than a pipe dream for nostalgic fans, Variety reports that Tom Cruise has put action to his words by tapping a familiar name as the sequel’s director. Cruise will be reuniting with Oblivion (2013) director Joseph Kosinski for the Top Gun sequel.

Rumors abound that Paramount and Skydance Pictures are going to back Top Gun 2. While there has yet to be an offer on the table, insiders feel certain that an offer is only a short time coming.

While many still consider the sequel to be mere conjecture at this point, Tom Cruise revealed that’s just not the case, during a recent appearance on a British talk show.

“Its happening,” says 54-year-old Tom Cruise. “You’re the first people I’ve told. It’s going to happen.”

Tom Cruise, Top Gun 2
Tom Cruise assures fans that 'Top Gun 2' is definitely coming. [Image by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images]

Cruise has been vocal about his interest in a Top Gun sequel for some time now, though, until now, it seemed unlikely that it would really happen. In addition to bringing Kosinski in to direct, Tom revealed that Justin Marks (Jungle Book) is writing the screenplay.

Plot details for Top Gun 2 are vague at this point, but it has been shared that the sequel will take place in today’s arena, filled with drone technology and fifth-generation fighters. It has also been suggested that Top Gun 2 will deal with the end of fighter-to-fighter dog fights, which made the first Top Gun such a huge success with action fans.

Tom Cruise can next be seen in The Mummy, which debuts in theaters on June 9.

Val Kilmer returns to theaters in the Tomas Alfredson thriller The Snowman, which will premiere on October 20.

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