iPhone 8 Specs Confirmed To Have Embedded Touch ID And Facial Recognition, Price Still Below $1,000?

It looks like the iPhone 8 will be one amazing phone that’s worthy to be called the 10th anniversary iPhone. Apple still has months to go before the expected reveal of its newest flagships, but the specs are already being revealed one by one by trusted sources.

iPhone 8 Design

The design is the most intriguing aspect of the upcoming iPhone 8 as it is believed to be very different from the 7S and 7S Plus. The S versions will retain the design of its predecessors, but the third iPhone in this year’s lineup will feature an all new design that will rival the Galaxy S8’s.

With that said, the iPhone 8 is also expected to ditch the physical home button for a bezel-less design. However, here is where Apple will leave Samsung in the dust: the fingerprint scanner. The South Korean company, attempting but failing to embed the sensor in the display, had to put the scanner beside the camera at the back.

The Cupertino tech giant, on the other hand, is reportedly successful in this venture. Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) confirmed in a technology convention on Thursday that the iPhone 8 will have a redesigned OLED display with no home button due to its use of a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen.

MacRumors further reports that this is in line with previous rumors stating that Apple is well on its way to perfecting the technology and will face no delays, despite what persistent rumors say. If this is true, then fans can expect the iPhone 8 to have nothing but the vertically arranged dual cameras and an Apple logo at the back, which will be made of 2.5D glass instead of aluminum.

iPhone 8 Specs

TSMC also shared other information about the iPhone 8, such as the inclusion of another biometric authentication method using a high-pixel-density selfie camera. This could be a reference to the 3D facial recognition camera system, the parts of which will be supplied by LG Innotek as previously reported by The Investor.

The deal between Apple and LG amounting to $258.5 million is for building a new plant entirely for the Cupertino company’s orders. This includes modules for the 3D facial recognition system that both companies worked on. 3D tech allows for more accurate facial recognition than Samsung’s 2D camera system. Placed in front, the camera will also have uses for games aside from biometric authentication.

Samsung's biometric authentication uses 2D cameras
[Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images]

On top of the iPhone 8’s camera capabilities, there are the usual hardware upgrades. Fans can at least expect a refreshed processor and an increase in RAM, perhaps more than its siblings iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. Wireless charging may also be on the cards, adding to the ever-growing list why the smartphone will be the best this year.

iPhone 8 Release Date

Tipster Benjamin Geskin recently tagged the iPhone 8 (and the 7S and 7S Plus) with a reveal date of September 17, which will be followed by the official launch on September 25. Curiously, the date falls on a Sunday instead of the usual Tuesday or Wednesday, the Inquisitr previously reported.

Geskin himself says, though, that the information is not yet 100 percent definite, so fans might want to hold off circling the date on their calendars for now.

iPhone 8 Price

Another widely debated feature of the iPhone 8 is its price. For its design and all its features, the 10th anniversary iPhone with 128GB storage is believed to cost as much as $1,000, which is hundreds of dollars more expensive than other flagships. A 256GB model will then cost much more, but an analyst claims that the device might be cheaper than that.

UBS analyst Steven Milunovich believes that the 128GB iPhone 8, which should be the cheapest option, will have a price tag of $870 and a 256GB unit will be sold for $1,070. These figures are still higher than other flagships, but for the amount of storage, they might actually be pretty good deals, BGR notes.

[Featured Image by Denys Prykhodov/Shutterstock]