Abby Lee Miller On Her Fraud Charges, ‘I Planned To Pay Everyone Back!’

Abby Lee Miller is still reeling from her prison sentence, and recent interviews prove that she doesn’t quite believe she’s going to jail. The former reality star seems to still be in shock over her one year and one day sentence, and recently stated that her intentions weren’t actually as bad as people think they were.

The Dance Moms star recently hinted that some of the moms on the reality show might have been involved in the scandal, but hasn’t stooped to naming names. Recently, she also stated that she had planned on paying everyone back whom she had stolen or hidden money from.

“I think that my bankruptcy attorney was awesome on the stand. He knows a lot more than he did 5 years ago. I just think that they thought the same thing that I did. I always wanted to pay these people back and I didn’t owe a ton of people all this money.”

The reality TV star seems to still be blaming everyone but herself for her bankruptcy fraud, even claiming that the reason she landed in hot water was because she “took bad advice.”

The future of Abby Lee Miller’s studio is also in jeopardy, as it has been recently revealed that the building is up for rent. Miller, however, will remain a tenant until the building is sold by the owner. It is unclear why the building is up for rent or when it will be released and if Abby’s business will move at that time.

Abby Lee Miller has stated that she hopes to use prison as a time to be productive. The reality TV star, however, has recently said in interviews that she is woefully unprepared for her time in the clink. Although her attorney hired someone to help her with the ins and outs of jail, she still has a ton of unanswered questions.

Miller, however, is not letting her sentence slow her down. She already has a lot to look forward to after her sentence is up.

“I hope to come out and have a new TV show, a scripted show that I’ve created. And it’s kind of, you know, a teenage show where Dance Moms leaves off, what should happen next because I know what should happen next,” she revealed to Us Weekly.

She is also planning to write a memoir while she’s in prison but isn’t quite sure if she will be allowed to use a computer to do so or will have to do the whole thing the old-fashioned way: by hand.

Abby Lee Miller also dropped a bomb when she told Us Weekly that she is planning to create a Broadway musical based on the hit reality show. Dance Moms: The Musical doesn’t yet have an outline. However, she says it has been like pulling teeth to get the rights from Lifetime who are less than thrilled with this her taking over this new endeavor. She says that the network wants to do the show themselves, but that they don’t know what they are doing.

“That’s not what they do. So instead of turning it over to somebody that knows what they’re doing, they’ll just screw it up like they do everything,” she said.

The former reality star currently owes the government $160,000 and, as a result, has been making the rounds doing TV and magazine appearances to raise the money and give herself a cushion for when she returns from prison.

Abby Lee Miller has stated that she does worry about being in financial trouble after she gets out of prison, the way she was when she went bankrupt, however, with all of her plans she shouldn’t worry too much about it.

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