May 27, 2017
'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Finally Posts Photos Of Herself With Her And Thomas Ravenel's Kids

For the first time in weeks, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has posted photos of herself with her children with Thomas Ravenel, Kensie, 2, and St. Julien, 1. On Friday night, Kathryn shared three photos that suggest that she has regained some visitation rights over her children.

One photo shows Kathryn beaming at the camera as she holds Kensie and St. Julien tight to her. The two children also look very happy. Another photo, taken around the same time, shows Kathryn and the two kids looking even more excited and happy. A third photo shows a smiling Kensie in her car seat. Kathryn wrote that Kensie was loving her new sunglasses.

Kathryn's photos received a barrage of comments from fans saying how happy they are to see her with her children again. Some people told Kathryn that she's a great mother, that her children look very happy with her and that they're rooting for her to succeed in life.

Up until Friday night, Kathryn Dennis' social media accounts had not shown any photos of herself with her two children since the premiere of Southern Charm Season 4 about eight weeks ago, leading some to wonder if she still had not regained any visitation rights in her custody battle with ex Thomas Ravenel. On the season 4 premiere episode, Kathryn, who during the season 3 reunion show denied Landon Clements' accusation that she failed a drug test administered as part of the child custody battle, admitted that she spent the summer in a Malibu rehabilitation facility for substance abuse. In a later scene with Danni Baird, Kathryn further confessed that she has no communication with Thomas at all and that she has not seen the children, who were in Thomas' custody, for a long time. In an emotional confessional interview, Kathryn admitted that she felt humiliated, embarrassed and disappointed in herself. She also recounted how she would sometimes break down over missing her kids during her rehab stay.

In the following episodes, Thomas has been shown taking care of the children with the help of a nanny. Kathryn, meanwhile, has been shown in several scenes talking about getting her life back together and her children back in her life. In one scene with Shep Rose, Kathryn confessed that it was sometimes hard to stay clean because of all the temptations in Charleston but that she was now feeling much better and was focused on her recovery. In another scene with JD and Liz Madison, Thomas' good friends and Kensie's godparents, Kathryn received some advice on how to have an amicable co-parenting relationship with Thomas for the sake of the children.
Much to Thomas' shock, Kathryn, as shown in the last episode, ended up writing him an apologetic letter expressing sorrow for all the drama that happened in their relationship and a desire to start communicating with one another for the benefit of the children. Thomas, however, told JD that he wasn't sure if Kathryn was genuine with her letter or if she was just trying to manipulate him again. Kathryn, meanwhile, told Chelsea Meissner that despite all that happened with Thomas, she's happy that she gave him children and that he really was deep down a good guy.

A preview for the next Southern Charm episode shows Liz meeting up with Kathryn and handing her a letter from Thomas in response to her letter to him. Will viewers see Kathryn receive a good response from Thomas or will they see her get a negative response and the relationship deteriorate even further? A preview for the second half of season 4 shows that viewers will indeed see Kathryn and Thomas finally meeting face-to-face, with Kathryn telling Thomas that she will always love him.

"Thomas, look me in the eyes. I loved you so much and I will always love you."
Yet it seems that despite Kathryn Dennis' love confession, her romantic relationship with Thomas Ravenel truly is over. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, their co-star Landon Clements has recently confirmed that Thomas is now dating a nurse from California.

[Featured Image via Bravo]