May 27, 2017
Memorial Day 2017 Monday -- Are Post Offices, Banks, Stock Markets, Liquor Stores Open Or Closed?

Memorial Day 2017 weekend is here and above all else, it is a day to honor our nation's military members both from the past and in the present. Without these brave men and women, the nation would not be where it is today, a place where freedom rings.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer for many folks so many will find themselves opening their pools, dusting off their furnishings in their summer homes, and pulling out the yard furniture for the first time this year. The start of the beach season comes with Memorial Day, so some will spend this three-day weekend at the beach.

Officially Memorial Day will be celebrated on Monday, May 29, with parades, picnics, and events around the nation. In observance of this day, there are many businesses closed on Monday, so before heading out, you might want to check if your intended destination will be open or not.

There was a time a few decades back that you could expect everything to be closed. You couldn't find a store open or even a restaurant willing to serve customers on Memorial Day. Times have changed and with each new Memorial Day, much like the other federal holidays on the calendar, more and more businesses are opting to stay open.

While the rule of thumb is most government offices are closed, it is always best to confirm this with your local municipal for confirmation. Below you will find a list of what is open and what is closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29.

What's open and what's closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29?

Government offices: According to USA Today, Memorial Day is a federal holiday, which means government offices are closed on Monday. All the local, state, and federal level government offices are closed in commemoration of this day.

Schools: Public schools are closed. Most higher learning institutions such as colleges, universities, and vocational schools are also closed, but it is best to check with the school for confirmation.

Banks: Most banks are closed, but you may find some open. Some banks that are inside supermarkets and malls may be open. There was once a time when you'd never find a bank open on Memorial Day, but those days are gone. Most of the big banks are keeping true to this holiday by closing Monday. According to USA Today, the larger banks like Bank of America, TD Bank, and Wells Fargo will be closed. It is best to check with your local banks before heading out.

Post Office: The post offices across the nation are closed and there is no mail delivery on Monday.

FedEx and Ups: These delivery services will not pick up or deliver on Memorial Day Monday.

Stock Markets: The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are closed on Monday, Memorial Day, according to Market Watch.

Garbage Pickup: The majority of towns and cities municipal garbage pickup will follow a holiday schedule, which usually means garbage pickup will be pushed a day ahead this week. While this is the case for many places in the nation, it is best to check with your local town or city government's website for their garbage schedule for Memorial Day week.

Mass transit: Many of the buses and train schedules around the nation will be following their holiday schedule, like the MTA. According to the MTA website, Memorial Day Monday, they will follow their holiday schedule which is found here. Many other mass transit services around the nation will also have a holiday schedule posted on their website, so it is best to check in your area for the Memorial Day transit schedule before heading out.

Liquor stores: It wasn't that long ago that you could not purchase alcohol on a holiday, but times are changing. Many states are allowing liquor sales on Monday. Some states, especially those where there are state-run liquor stores, are open for a shorter period of time under holiday hours, like in Pennsylvania. According to TRIB Live, "The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board began opening state stores on certain holidays this year following passage of Act 39, which lifted the holiday hours restriction."

Stores: Most of the big stores are open for business on Memorial day. According to IBT, "stores such as Babies R Us, Best Buy, Macy's, Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart are open, along with many more stores. The same goes for most supermarkets.

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