First Possible Legit iPhone 8 Release Date Rumors Emerge, Will Flagship Release On A Sunday?

Details about the iPhone 8 such as its features and specs have been leaking in a steady stream over the past few months, and while Apple has confirmed none of these rumors, the sheer number of them appears to suggest that the final design of the upcoming flagship is nearing completion. If there’s anything that is pretty much up for speculation right now, however, it would be the iPhone 8’s release date. Simply rumored to fall sometime this September, the debut date of the highly-anticipated flagship smartphone has remained a mystery. That is, of course, until now.

Prolific upstart leaker Benjamin Geskin, who has provided some of the finest examples of iPhone 8 concepts and numerous seemingly legitimate leaks of the device’s schematics and case molds, has released a tentative date for the upcoming flagship’s launch. According to Geskin, the iPhone 8 would see a September 17 debut, with the device set to hit Apple Stores on September 25. While Geskin was quick to point out that the release date leak is not a hundred percent accurate, the dates that he provided have pretty much split the iPhone community straight down the middle, with some stating that the dates seem plausible and others stating that the dates seem inaccurate.

Geskin’s iPhone 8 release date leak comes from a message that the tech giant allegedly sent to its AppleCare Advisors and Leaders. Following is an abridged version of the leaked message.

“The upcoming months are going to be very exciting for all of us and for our customers! As you know, there are new product announcements and launches in September. In anticipation of the upcoming events and the corresponding heightened call volume expected, we will be increasing our staff across all of our programs over the summer.

“In order to support our client during this very important time of the of the year, we will be implementing Black Out Days in all AppleCare programs for Advisors and Leaders. The upcoming black out dates will be September 17 through November 4.

“Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change as our support volume expectations fluctuate. We will keep you advised of any black-out date changes and additions as soon as we are made aware of new initiatives.”

What certainly makes Geskin’s speculated iPhone 8 release date somewhat unique is the fact that the launch falls on a Sunday. Apple has never done this in the past, with the flagship smartphone usually being launched on a Wednesday, like in the case of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, or a Tuesday, as seen in the debut of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. The gap between the release date and the date of availability in Apple Stores is notably short in Geskin’s leak as well, as Apple usually schedules the shipments of the device to begin around nine to ten days after the smartphone’s debut, as opposed to the seven days teased in the release date leak.

However, it is quite important to note that the iPhone 8’s debut would not be an average, conventional launch. Considering that the smartphone is the 10th-anniversary edition of a device that practically catapulted the Cupertino-based tech giant to the top of the mobile market, there is a good chance that Apple would step outside the box with regards to the debut of the iPhone 8. With this in mind, the idea of Apple holding a product launch on a Sunday would be, if any, a reasonably plausible scenario.

Regardless of the final release date of the iPhone 8, however, there is very little doubt that Apple’s 10th-anniversary flagship smartphone would be one of the most successful mobile devices of the year. After all, the market’s interest in the device is already at a fever pitch, and the smartphone is still months away. Overall, when the iPhone 8 gets released, there is a good chance that the mobile industry would be shaken once more.

[Featured Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]